August 19-World Humanitarian Day


August nineteenth –tomorrow is a great day-quite significant
“World Humanitarian Day” observed all over the globe
For all of us to think, to pen and spread, make the world with patience
To respect all beings-God’s creation with clear conscience!

Men and women are created by God the Almighty
To live and lead a life normal with kith and kin rightly;
But there are the beloved of God who work for the world
Sacrificing all in challenging situations bold!

Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of age
Whose thinking, philosophy, dynamism and courage
Inspired all and timeless legacy for all to emulate.
Rightly United Nations dedicated this day to that great!


Unity in diversity- that is my Motherland
India that is Bharath-ancient and holy land
Languages, traditions, culture, climate all different
To others, people as such are never indifferent!

Today PARSI NEW YEAR- linked to Zorastrianism
Yearly renewal of everything in the Universe!
Maharashtra nd Gujarath- main States to observe sure
Special decorations in and out of the houses-pure!

After breakfast all together visit the Fire Temple
During the visit think of good and bad in the year
Resolve to do only good in the year new by HIS grace
Start the happy New Year with thoughts, words and deeds good to face!


Mosquito 2007-2.jpg

Coil, liquid, paper, net, spray, ointment-what not
All to save us from the mosquito menace-rot!
In the creation of the Almighty here is one
Called mosquito-poor or rich- purpose seems to be none!

In His creation every little thing has
A purpose to serve which is to annoy you and me!
But serves as food to birds, frogs and others to eat
Another is to multiply their clan and meet!

The tiny mosquito rings, sings as night falls
To some it is music who have the ears to enjoy music
To many it is nuisance plain and simple spoiling sleep
It is all in the ears of the beholders and listeners!

Malaria, Dengue, encephalitis – my Lord
For what else you hve created this species, God?
Cleanliness, neat environ, no waterlogging
It defies all and shows its might- we are struggling!!



Today it is seventy first Indian Independence day. For any Nation THE  most important SYMBOL is its NATIONAL FLAG. It is therefore rightly hoisted on our Republic Day by the President of India and on the Independance day by the Prime Minister at the Center and their counterparts in the State Capitals by the Governor and the Chief Minister  respectively.

In that way today’s ENVIUS Thoughts carry the greatness of our TRICOLOR  in the words of Mahakavi Bharathiyar greatest national , patriotic poet from Tamilnadu’s vision of National Flag and his scintillating  song in Tamil and its translation in English: Bharathi passed away in the year 1921!

In Tamil
தாயின் மணிக்கொடி பாரீர்!

தாயின் மணிக்கொடி பாரீர்! – அதைத்
தாழ்ந்து பணிந்து புகழ்ந்திட வாரீர்!

1.ஓங்கி வளர்ந்ததோர் கம்பம்- அதன்
உச்சியின் மேல் வந்தே மாதரம் என்றே
பாங்கின் எழுதித் திகழும் – செய்ய
பட்டொளி வீசிப் பறந்தது பாரீர் !

2.பட்டுத் துகிலென லாமோ! – அதில்
பாய்ந்து சுழற்றும் பெரும்புயற் காற்று
மட்டு மிகுந்தடித் தாலும் – அதை
மதியாதவ் வுறுதிகொள் மாணிக்கப்படலம்

3.இந்திரன் வச்சிரம் ஓர்பால் – அதில்
எங்கள் துருக்கர் இளம்பிறை ஓர்பால்
மந்திரம் நடுவுறத் தோன்றும் – அதன்
மாண்பை வகுத்திட வல்லவன் யானோ?

4.கம்பத்தின் கீழ்நிற்றல் காணீர் -எங்கும்
காணரும் வீரர் பெருந்திருக் கூட்டம்
நம்பர்க் குரியர் அவ்வீரர்; -தங்கள்
நல்லுயிர் ஈந்தும் கொடியினைக் காப்பர்.

6.அணியணி யாயவர் நிற்கும் – இந்த
ஆரியர் காட்சியோர் ஆனந்தம் அன்றோ ?
பணிகள் பொருந்திய மார்பும் – விறல்
பைந்திரு வோங்கும்வடிவமும் காணீர்

6.சேர்ந்ததைக் காப்பது காணீர் ! அவர்
சிந்தையின் வீரம் நிரந்தரம் வாழ்க!
தேர்ந்தவர் போற்றும் பரத – நிலத்
தேவி துவஜம் சிறப்புற வாழ்க!

Thaayin maNikkoti paareer! – adhaith
Thaazndhu paNindhu pukazndhita vaareer!
1. Oangi vaLarndhadoar kambam -adhan
Uchchiyin mael vandhae maatharam enrae
Paangin ezhuthith thikazhum – seyya
PattoLi veesip parandhadhu paareer!

2. Pattuth thugilena laamoa! – adhil
Paayndhu suzhatrum perumputar kaatru
Mattu migundhatith thalum – adahi
Nriyaadhav vuruthikoL maaNikkap padalam

3. Indhiran vajjiram oarpal – adhil
EngaL thurukkar iLampirai oarpaal
Mandhiram naduvurath thoanrum -adhan
MaaNbai vaguththida vallavan yaanoa?

4. Kambaththin keezh nitral kaaNeer – engum
KaaNarun veerar perunthiruk koottam
Nambark kuriyar avveerar; – thangaL
Nalluyir eendhum kodiyinaik kaappar.

5. ANiaNi yaayavar nirkum – indha
Aariyak kaatchiyoar aanandham anroa?
PaNigal porundhiya maarbum – viral
Paindhiru voangum vadivamum kaaNeer.

6. Saerndhadhaik kaappadhu kaaNeer! avar
Sindhaiyin veeram nirandharam vaazhga!
Thaerndhavar poatrum baradha – nilath
Dhaevi dhuvajam sirappura vaazhga!


Look at the banner of Mother;
Come and humbly adore and extol it.

Tall stands the mast, and from its top
The flag of red silken lustre wafts
With the well printed dazzling words
Declaring “Vandhae maatharam” !

Is it a piece of simple silk? Into it
Blows and twirls a mighty typhoon
Even when it rages excessively
It wafts serene a ruby hallow!

Indhra’s thunder bolt and young crescent
Of our Muslim friends bedeck the flag;
At its middle is Mother’s manthra
Its greatness I can’t describe!

Behold them beneath the mast
An immense throng of peerless warriors
Tried and trusted and brave they are
They may give up their lives, sure not the flag!

Behold the phalanxes! Is not
This noble sight a great joy for ever?
Behold their bedecked breasts and forms
The abode of Divine valour!

They are here to guard the flag; behold this!
May their strong willed bravery last for ever
May the banner of Mother- Bharath
By these adored , flourish in fame for ever!



One of my good friends a learned scholar from Manipal Shri Vis. Gopal has made a post to a group which I proudly  reproduce with the addition of English

நான் தற்போது குடியிருக்கும் மணிப்பாலில் குடியிருப்பாளர்கள் சங்கத்தின் வேண்டுகோள் எனக்குச் சுதந்திர தினத்தில் கொடியேற்றும் வாய்ப்பைத்தந்தது. கொடியேற்றியவுடன் தேச பக்தி சம்பந்தமாக ஏதாவது பேசச் சொல்லியிருந்தார்கள். வந்தே மாதரம் என்று சமஸ்க்ரிதத்தில் தொடங்குவதால் சம்ஸ்க்ரிதத்திலேயே ஒரு 4 வரிக் கவிதை எழுதிப் படித்துப் பொருள் கூறினேன். அதைத் தாழ்மையுடன் இங்கு இடுகிறேன்.

I had an opportunity to hoist the national flag on an Independence Day in a colny where I reside. After hoisting the flag, they wanted me to speak and as I had to start with Vandhe Maatharam in Sanskrit, i wrote a four line poem in Sanskrit, explained its meaning which I share with you.

हे मातः तव दर्शनं ध्वजमुखात् सर्वे लभन्ते वयं
तत्सद्दर्शन सम्भवात् तव जनाः विस्मृत्य भेदान् स्वकान्
तत्संरक्षणधर्ममेव मनसि स्मृत्वा भजन्तः सदा
स्थैर्यं यस्य पराक्रमं च सहजं वन्दे त्रिवर्णं ध्वजम् ||
Hae maatha: thava dharsanam dhwajamoolaath sarvae labanthae vayam
Thathsathdharsana sambhavaath thava janaa:  vismruthya  bhaedhaan swakan
Thath samrakshaNa dharmamaeva manasi smruthwaa bhajantha: sadhaa
Sthairyam yasya paraakramam cha sahajam vandhae thrivarNam dhwajam!!
हे मातः        ஹே (பாரத) அன்னையே!  Hey, {Bharatha) Mother
तव दर्शनं     உன்னுடைய தரிசனத்தை  Your darshan
सर्वे वयं        நாங்கள் அனைவரும்  we all
ध्वजमुखात्   (இந்தக்) கொடியின் மூலமே through this Flag itself
लभन्ते         பெறுகிறோம்!  Get.
तत्सद्दर्शन सम्भवात्   அக் (கொடியின்) காட்சி ஏற்படுகையில் When we get that Flag’s darshan
तव जनाः        உன் மக்கள் (யாவரும்) all your children
स्वकान् भेदान् विस्मृत्य  தம்முடைய பேதங்களை மறந்து   Forgetting their differences
तत्संरक्षणधर्ममेव मनसि स्मृत्वा  அதைக் காக்க வேண்டிய கடமையை   மட்டும் மனத்தில் வைத்து  keeping the duty of protecting in our minds
भजन्तः सदा     ஈடு படுகிறார்கள்! Involve themselves.
यस्य स्थैर्यं पराक्रमं च सहजं  நிலைப்புத்தன்மையும் வீரமும் எதற்குக் கூடப்பிறந்த குணங்களோ  Are Stability and valor born long with
त्रिवर्णं ध्वजम्   (அந்த) மூவண்ணக் கொடியை (That) Tricolor Flag
वन्दे    நான் வணங்குகிறேன்! I pray( salute)




In the Hindu calendar to day is one of the most imporatand holy days. Lord Krishna- very significant God in the Hindu pantheon is believed to have taken his avathar on this day. Toda’s ENVIUS THOUGHTS carries Mahakavi Nharathiyar’s- a great devotee of Kannan- Lord Krishna-   poem titled KANNAN PIRANTHAAN” (Krishna was born) in original Tamil, transliteration and translation in English.

Original in tamil

கண்ணன் பிறப்பு
கண்ணன் பிறந்தான் – எங்கள்
கண்ணன் பிறந்தான் – இந்தக்
காற்றதையெட்டுத் திசையிலுங் கூறிடும்

திண்ண முடையான் – மணி
வண்ண முடையான் – உயர்
தேவர் தலைவன் புவிமிசைத் தோன்றினன்
பண்ணை யிசைப்பீர் – நெஞ்சிற்
புண்ணை யொழிப்பீர் – இந்தப்
பாரினிலே துயர் நீங்கிடும் என்றிதை
எண்ணிடைக் கொள்வீர் –  நன்கு
கண்ணை விழிப்பீர் – இனி
ஏதுங்குறைவில்லை; வேதம் துணையுண்டு (கண்) 1

அக்கினி வந்தான் – அவன்
திக்கை வளைத்தான் – புவி
kaரிருட் பொய்மைக் கலியை மடித்தனன்.

துக்கங் கெடுத்தான் – சுரர்
ஒக்கலும் வந்தார் – சுடர்ச்
சூரியன், இந்திரன், வாயு, மருத்துக்கள்;
மிக்க திரளாய் – சுரர்
இக்கணந் தன்னில் –இங்கு
மேவி நிறைந்தனர் பாவி யசுர்ர்கள்
பொக்கென வீழ்ந்தார் – உயிர்
கக்கி முடித்தார் – கடல்
போல ஒலிக்குது வேதம் புவிமிசை  (கண்)  (2)

சங்கரன் வந்தான்; -இங்கு
மங்கல மென்றான் – நல்ல
சந்திரன் வந்தின் நமுதைப் பொழிந்தனன்;
பங்க மொன் றில்லை – ஒளி
மங்குவதில்லை; – இந்தப்
பாரின்கண் முன்பு வானத்தினிலே நின்று,
கங்கையும் வந்தாள் – கலை
மங்கையும் வந்தாள்; – இன்பக்
காளி பராசக்தி அன்புடனெய்தினள்;
செங்கம லத்தாள் – எழில்
பொங்கு முகத்தாள் – திஉருத்
தேவியும் வந்து சிறப்புற நின்றனள்.  (கண்) 3 .


KaNNan pirandhaan – engaL
KaNNan pirandhaan – indhak
Kaatradhaiyettuth  thisaiyilung kooridum
ThiNNamudaiyaan – maNi
VaNNa mudaiyaan – uyar
Dhaevar thalaivan puvimisaith thoanrinan
PaNNai yisaippeer – nenjil
PuNNai ozhippeer – indhap
Paarinilae thuyar neengidum enridhai
ENNidaik koLveer –nangu
KaNNai vizhippeer – ini
Aedhung kuraivillai; vaedham thuNaiyuNdu  (KaN) 1

Akkini vandhaan – avan
Thikkai vaLaiththaan – puvi
Yaarirut poymaik kaliyai madiththanan
Thukkang keduththaan –surar
kkalum vandhaar – sudarch
Sooriyan, Indhiran, vaayu, maruththukkaL;
Mikka thiraLaay  -surar
IkkaNan thannil – ingu
Maevi niraindhanar paavi yasurargaL
Pokkena  veezhndhaar – uyir
Kakki mudiththaar – kadal
Poala plikkudhu vaedham puvimisai  (KaN)            (2)

Sankaran vandhaan; – ingu
Mangala menraan – nalla
Chandhiran vandhin namudhaip pozhindhanan;
Banga mon rillai  – oLi
Manguvadhillai  – indhap
paarinkaN munbu vaanaththilae ninru,
Gangaiyum vandhaaL – kalai
Mangaiyum vandhaaL; – inbak
KaaLi parasakthi anbuda neydhinaL;
Sengama laththaaL – ezhil
Pongu mugaththaaL –thiruth
Dhaeviyum vandhu sirappura ninranaL.  (KaN)        (3)


1 Kannan is born
Our dear Kannan is born!
Proclaims the wind in directions eight
The solvent great   is He
The one who is gem-hued
The Celestial Lord
Yes, He is born on earth.
Sing hymns and solemn strain
Get cured of  your heart sores
Know this world will be
Rid of all  its sorrows sure
Open your eyes fully wide
No more shall flaw mar us
Vedas are sure to help nd guide.
Came Lord Fire encircling
All the points cardinal
And routed Kali vile
The false earth possessing murk:
Misery did He quell
Came all the Lords of Sky
Dazling Sun, Indra
Vayu and Maruts too.
This moment gathered all
Devas in throngs good many
WEho stood wholly fulfilled
Down-fell sinner demons
Puking out their dear lives.
Over earth resound Vedas
Like ocean’s roar great!
Cane Sankara and said:
“Let there be bliss on earth”
Moon came and with light
Nectareanm bathed good earth
Nought of blemish shall be
And no more will light pale
To the witnessing earth
From Heaven is born Kannan.

Kannan is born
Our dear Kannan is born.
Ganga cane; the Goddess
Of arts also; Kali
Mother delightful, arrived
In grace abounding
Lakshmi- the bright faced beauty
Came and stood majestic.
Kannan is born
Our KaNNan is born!

Hearty Krishna Janmashtami greetings!



Young Poet S. Nivetha presenting her poem in the CPC Seminar last.


A very interesting observation by a great scientist reads: “Art and literature of the highest order cannot flourish in a world which is increasingly becoming mechanical and society a rocket!”.

How true it has been proved! There are no eyes to enjoy the magnificent mountains and veritable valleys, beautiful night sky and ever bright stars, fantastic fauna and fanciful flora, dancing daffodils and revealing roses! There are no ears to listen to the melodies of nature, ennobling music and roaring sound of the waves along the coast of Bay of Bengal or Atlantic Ocean! No time to enjoy the reverberating flow of Ganges waters in the Himalayas and stirring verses from the Vedas and Upanishads, Quoran and Bible!

Fast moving vehicles, fast food, fast life- every thing fast- no time to stand and stare!

Notwithstanding the above scenario, there are silver lining in the literary world where we see the poetry lovers play viewers and prose gluttons  do go in search of journals and nooks, Meets and Seminars.

Here is one lovely organization called CHENNAI POETS CIRCLE where the members meet every month to present poems, analyze and discuss, organize annual Seminars where anthology is released, poems and papers on poetry are presented.

In the last CPC  Meet held on 22nd July, I had the pleasure of participation along wit Ms. S. Nivetha, youngest poet to present her poem.

Here is a news coverage in the neighborhood newspaper ANNA NAGAR TIMES dated July 30th-August 5th 2017:

“17 year old S. nivetha, resident of 12/1045, Jeevan bima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension presented her poem –‘WINGS OF FRIENDS’- at the Chennai Poets’ Circle in the Meet held on 22nd July 2017, in Defence Officers’ Colony Ekkattuththangal.

She was the youngest poet at the Meet.

Her grand father N V Subbaraman also presented his poem ‘Freedom He Resented’ at the Meet.

Nivetha is pursuing her graduate cource in Ethiraj College, Chennai. Contact number is 2654 4950.

Here is her poem:


We cannot gather all in one place

To have a wonderful joy and peace.

All our fast and great memories on

Like that of the nice, fast moving fan.

Miles and miles to go walking with friends

The distance of those miles never ends.

Full of pleasure in joyous wings of friends

Seen in all shapes and colors of kinds!

Love of the friend can’t be got from all

That flows through like Naigara falls.

God creates and gives us friends great sure

For us to keep all our lives quite pure!


Nivetha with her India Book of RECORDS for CHILDREN certificate

Here is my poem:



What is this DREADED DEATH
Knows no distinction
Young or old, poor or rich
Either sex, healthy or sick
Virtuous or vicious, dunce or diligent
Unlettered or highly literate
Dedicated Mahatma or despicable bandit
Social worker or menace to the society
All are same in the grip of death!

Death at times brings relief
Most of the times nothing but grief!

In one’s life time
That he lives is not a matter
How he lives is all that matters!

Man’s greatness is not in being
Sure one agrees that in doing!

Death can remove the physical self
Sure not his words and deeds
That indeed make him live for age!

Birth is alike getting out of sleep
Death is akin to getting into sleep
Fear not death, but boldly face!

Alive are dead; Dead are alive
All in the manner we live
And how we serve the society with love
To live in peace and amity, joy and cheers!

Poets indeed are ambassadors of peace

All of us in Chennai Poets Circle never cease

To promote peace and harmony among all

One such great who left us all was indeed tall!


Dr. Nithie Victor felt that his work and purpose

On earth was over and never felt nervous

Reached his heavenly abode enjoying rest

Among the members he was one of the best!



Freedom for each one to act his whim

Free to spit, excrete, hit or spit

To mob, disrupt, beget, beset

To beat the wife, treat her as housemaid

Or make a matchstick of her

Build where you shouldn’t, break what you shouldn’t

To dump the rubbish by another’s wall

Joy through speakers-eardrums pounded

Khaki-clad to browbeat and extract

To trade justice for filthy lucre

To promise voters, feather own nest

For caste, creed and tongue to ramp.


A free-for- all on city’s arteries

Where wheels and feet, cattle and hawkers

Cheek by jowl, the right of way contest

A jungle wherein might is right;

To block the road, processionists,

A striking group and irate mob or e’en

A corpse on its last journey-

Freedom’s final fling!


The freedom of society is dead

Long live the freedom of the individuals!


That is Dr. Nithie Victor-may he from his

Heavenly abode guide the Poets and this

Chennai Poets Circle!


This is a part of a poem that was written by Dr. Nithie Victor and published in the WORLD POETRY 1999 published by Bhishma Pithamaha Dr. Krishna Srinivas who was editing purely English Poetry monthly journal for more than 50 years and he passed away at his 92nd year almost a decade ago.


In deference to the desire of Sundararajan I am posting in this Forum. Thanks.

Dr. Nithie Victor  was a senior poet member in the circle for long and he is no more. Silence was observed nd later this poem was presented.

Other poets attended presented their poems absolutely great and interesting.

INDIA POETRY CIRCLE was discussed in detail and the CPC members share their poems with the IPC a more wider and vast set up.

The senior Poet Shri Jairam Seshadri proved a very pleasant host where his two pet dogs received the guests very lovingly!


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Jairam Seshadri’s pets receiving the guests for the occasion.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,02,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 122nd view at 23.30 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 12th August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWO THOUSAND (1,02,000) on the 876th day and 941st post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


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.August 12-International Youth Day.


Said great Swamy Vivekananda – modern Saint
“If I can get some young men of heart and energy,
I shall revolutionize the whole country.”
That indeed is the youth power and energy!

August twelfth today is “International Youth Day”
To focus on the power of youth and their energy
For the world to progress in fields various sure
If only harnessed and guided right by the elders pure!

Not allowing the idea of India
To be a prisoner of narrow-mindedness
And communal ideology –aim of elders
Should be to harness the power of the young!

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,02,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 122nd view at 23.30 hours today viz Saturday  the 12th August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWO THOUSAND (1,02,000) on the 876th day and 941st post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.