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Senior Citizens are not born as Senior Citizens ever-never
Today’s children are tomorrow’s senior citizens -after very long gap!
If one is blessed with a long life,he or she bound to be senior citizen
Lo! The youth think not and we see OLD AGE Homes filled fully all over!

August Twenty First today is Senior Citizens Day talked about
And observed and celebrated every year! United Nations General Assembly
Announced in Nineteen Ninety to bring issues to light about the issues
influencing older individuals, such as disintegration with age and abuses.

Moral, ethical and financial norms do expect the children who availed
All affection, care, concern and comforts of stay and studies
To take care of the elderly parents keeping with them and providing
All their needs till death in a peaceful and pleasant way!

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On a lighter vein I tell MOSQUITOS are omnipresent and omnipotent!
These words have some depth and meaning lest there needs no WORLD MOSQUITO DAY!
Today Twentieth August World is observing MOSQUITO DAY all over
Sure the mosquitos are causing pain and panic in the people sure!

World Mosquito Day is a commemoration of British doctor Sir Ronald Ross’s
Who discovered in eighteen ninety seven that female mosquitoes transmit
Malaria among humans. Ross is responsible for the annual observance,
As he declared after his discovery that the day be known as World Mosquito!
Let us listen to the MUSIC of MOSQUITOS!

Among the beautiful creations of the Lord Almighty
There are big and small, tall and short, fat and lean,all types pretty
Wonderful indeed is HIS art of making living beings
Of course to bring in peace and harmony nice in all doings!

Lions roar, dogs bark, cuckoos sing, waves roar, nightingale sings sweet
Lord Krishna plays the flute so melodious, cows return neat
People yearn to listen to the children’s blabbering on time
World looks forward for the voices kind and sweet all around nice!

HIS creation the tiny mosquito rings, sings as night falls
To some it is music who have the ears to enjoy music
To many it is nuisance plain and simple spoiling sleep
It is all in the ears of the beholders and listeners!

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Dr. Ronald Ross.

Subhash Chandra Bose Memorial Day August 18th



August Eighteenth indeed a day poignant and sad! Unfortunate
The day that we lost one of the greatest sons of our Holy Mother
Bharath Matha. Yes memorial day of a leader par excellent
A path that he chose what he thought was ideal for our freedom!

A great son of Bharath-from Bengal-became Nethaji
A staunch patriot and for long disciple of Gandhiji
Both of course were for freedom from the foreign yoke
But differed in their approach to attain –way to make!

Indian nationalist and patriot he was
His defiant patriotism made him pass
A hero- to rid India of British rule
In world war two joined Japan-Germany pool!

Young  Subhash held his radical thoughts not to Gandhi’s way
Was President of the Congress  but felt uneasy on the way
Formed his Indian National Army to attain his goal
Goal of Indian independence by force as a whole!!

Tragedy he was snatched by the cruel hand of death
At  age of forty eight tragic accident – in stealth
Gone-could not enjoy freedom of his motherland
His dream and goal with his own political stand!

Many strongly believed the story about his death
Yet there were many who doubted its veracity
Fact as of now is we do not have Nethaji with us
We remember him fondly on this day of his death.

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Netaji’s Indian National Army.

BAD POETRY DAY August 18th

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This week’s Sunday Story in Envius Thoughts (1694th post) is something out of the ordinary! On 10th and 11th of this month we had the pleasure of attending two book launches in Chennai organized by INDIA POETRY CIRCLE-both are poetry anthologies which carried the poems by me and S.Nivetha! In as much as POETRY is nothing but an expression of one’s emotions, it varies from person to person. There cannot be unity and consistency among the world poets! As such I honestly believe there can be a bad poetry and a good poetry!!!! I recollect a poem that I made out on this theme some time back and here it is:

“Poetry is the language of the soul” they say, very nice
Language of the soul cannot be called bad- not a spice
It is all in the ears of the listener and may be,
In the eyes of the reader – his taste may see!

Content or form what can make the poetry bad
A day devoted for “Bad Poetry Day”, today sad
Let us face- not everyone is the writer best
Lyricist or poet good or bad all put to test!

Keats is Keats, Keats poems are Keats poems
Shelley is Shelley, Shelley’s poems are Shelly’s poems
Shakespeare’s sonnets are Shakespearean sonnets
Kamala doss is kamala doss, Ezekiel is Ezekiel!

Be yourself as a poet, pen your thoughts- nice and noble
Read for yourself- “poetry is the language of the soul”- stable!
Others feel like reading, give them a read and enjoy
Message through poetry more than the form – greater joy!

Any poetry is sweet and great! It is in the mind of the viewer and listener! Young or old matter not! In fact S. Nivetha got into the National Book of Records for Children having been invited as a Poet Delegate at age 18 in 2016 for the International Multi Lingual Poets Meet held in Vijayawada organized as Chief Advisor Poet Madam Padmaja Iyengar known as PADDY and presented her poem in English!

Coming to Chennai, on 10th and 11th a fine Poetry competition for youngsters from Class 5 to Class 12 In all 21 boys and girls participated and exhibited their poetic talents. All the poems were meticulously judged by a panel of senior poets of IPC –Pankajam, Rajeev, Usha, Anju Sarala and Ravi- and the young budding poets were given awards and certificates by the Regional Manager of New India Assurance Company Chennai Madam Mrs. Saraswathy. They also recited their creations to the elite audience of senior poets, parents of the competitors. All poems were GOOD and not at all BAD!!!!

In the evening, an anthology of collaborative poems contributed by 29 poets –CONFLUENCE III – compiled by the senior poet and Founder of India Poetry Circle- and his team consisting of renowned  poets Sadhana Subramaniam, Anju Kishore, Saranya Francis, Selvin Vedamanickam and Vidya Shankar . CONFLUENCE I was released in International 10th Guntur Poetry Festival in 2017 followed by Confluence II in Madras in 2018 and the third  this year.

Collaborative poem: “Collaborative or collective poetry is an alternative and creative technique for writing poetry by more than one person. The principal aim of collaborative poetry is to create poems with multiple collaborations from various authors. In a common example of collaborative poetry, there may be numerous authors working in conjunction with one another to try to form a unified voice that can still maintain their individual voices.”

Confluence III contains TEN poems- of different sizes- most of the stanzas are of 4 lines- every four lines contributed by the participating poets!!

The following twenty nine are the participating poets:

  1. Dr. AniammaJoseph (Kuriakose)
  2. Beenu Marcus
  3. Geethanjali Dilip
  4. Gulnar Rahim Khan.
  5. Hema Ravi
  6. Kamar Sultana S
  7. Latha Prem Sakhya.
  8. Molly Joseph.
  9. S. Nivetha (aged 20)
  10. Padmapriya Karthik.
  11. S. Padmapriya.
  12. Padmini Janardhanan
  13. Pankajam Kottarath.
  14. Poonam Nigam Sahay.
  15. Rajeev Moothedath.
  16. Rangarajan Gopalakrishnan.
  17. Ravi Ranganathan
  18. Sarala Ram Kamal.
  19. Sauvik Acharjee.
  20. Settaluri Padmavathi.
  21. Shashi Kothari.
  22. Shruti Shivkumar Iyer.
  23. Srikala Ganapathy.
  24. N V Subbaraman
  25. S. Sundar Rajan.
  26. Tara Mani.
  27. THryaksha Ashok Garla (aged 17)
  28. Usha Sridhar.
  29. V. Varsha Shree. ( aged 10).

It is quite interesting to observe the wavelength of each of these twenty nine poets on the theme, style and expression! Unless the reader knows in advance that he is reading a collaborative poem, he can’t sense it as the entire poem is so beautifully woven! There can be no BAD POETRY and all poetry are GOOD only!

Second Anthology was a Theme based one for the specific occasion of MADRAS DAY launched on the afternoon of 11th August! This anthology was compiled by an expert team headed by the founder poet of IPC Jairam Seshadri consisting of eminent poets S. Sundar Rajan, N. Meera Raghavendra Rao,Hema Ravi, Vidya Shankar,Anju Kishore, Madhumathi H, Gita Bharat, Kamar Sultana. S.,  and Sumita Dutta Shoam.

“Helmed by S. Sundar Rajan, – a Chartered Accountant by profession- Madras Hues Myriad Views is IPC’s latest venture – a tribute woven with poetry, prose, illustrations, photographs and a lot of love  towards the city of Madras. From the celebrated seasoned writers to youthful students, the contributors express their deep connections to this city”.

As we turn the pages and string these buds of literary and visual art, as we savor our frothy filter kaapi. This bouquet brings to us the essence of Madras, redolent with the rich fragrance   of jasmine and the aroma of invigorating coffee.   

This 170 page collected work contains 41 poems, 21 Writes up, 93 photos and drawings! Major credit of designing, selection of photos and drawings goes to Shri Shankar, eminent photographer and videographer who has spent days and nights for the successful publication.

My poem that appeared in the Anthology.
                    “MADRAS NALLA MADRAS”
  “Madras Nalla Madras” a popular cine song decade ago
Yes, Madras continues to be Nalla Madras even today
With the difference Madras rechristened as Chennai years fifty ago
Well, people enjoying, suffering happily every day!

People of different languages, culture and tradition
From directions all North and South, East and west live in unison
In all joy and happiness, harmony and trust all through their lives
City has grown very vast and fast nice temples, Churches and Mosques!

No chauvinism, no parochialism, no hatred – great
Among all people! Marina beach one of the best in the world
Indeed surely for all the residents and visitors a treat
Men or women, child or adult, read or unread.

Employment opportunities and potential very good
Heaven for investors-small or big, -for sure never to go bad
Madrasis-great Chennaiites are proud to say they are positive
In the society to put up with bound to be some negatives!



Magnificent Madras three hundred eighty years old
Saw me entering the earth twenty one years ago
Chintadripet and Jeevan Bhima Nagar saw me grow
Grow to the age of Bachelor of Computer course!
In Anna Adarsh , SBIOA, Velammal  schools I studied
Of “Excellent Ethiraj College” student I am today!
Friends old and new ever remain in my mind!
A Member of CPC, IPC I walk with my head high!
Efflorescence and Confluence my prized possessions
Along with Poetic Prism and Metverse Muse-great creations!
Trained by CPC-IPC-National Book of Record for Children holder
At  home and college- to the joy of my friends and elder(s)!
Collector Nagar to my College my journey is awful each day
In Crowded buses difficult to stand erect with book bag on back
Autos, share autos and buses vying with each other
Unruly  two and three wheelers care not for signals!
Pedestrians poor finding their platforms to walk with vendors
Full in the space- kindly donated- by the two wheeler parkers
Very interesting is my Madras, my place of birth
Madras turned Chennai – but I continue to love sweet Madras!

Foreigners at first were impressed by  our Madras!
What is not in Madras, Chepauk cricket stadium;
The madness of film industry in Kodambakkam;
Sanity for the people in the Kilpakkam;
Burmese refugees in Burma bazaars;
Cheapest accessories for women’s in Pondy Bazaar;
Vada curry is a special dish in Saidapet;

In sixteen hundred and thirty nine Foreigners started ruling Madras;
Within a year churches, forts and buildings were built;
Black town was built for Madras people making them feel guilt;
Tamil Nadu was formed in 1956 having the capital city Madras;

Vada curry=A favorite at many Chennai restaurants and also cooked at homes on special occasions. It tastes delicious with dosa and is also a favorite with idiyappam. This version is less ‘calorific’ because it uses steamed dumplings.

Both the first and fourth covers are indeed a great treat for our eyes- having coffee and jasmine flowers!

The anthology was released by great cinematographer Sri P C Sreeram and received by Mr.  Keshav Cartoonist of the Hindu, Chennai.

The contributing poets to the anthology presented their poems to the learned audience. Ms.Thirupurasundari Sevvel, basically an Architect,  Hon. Secretary of Madras Literary Society gave her opinion on the poems and presentation in her own inimitable style.

ODYSSEY, Adyar took up all preparations for the two day treat in their premises and we thank them for their enthusiastic hospitality.

Thereafter  a few books by different authors including Mr. Sundar Rajan, Pankajam and others were released. Wide coverage was given by  a number of city newspapers.

Mr Sundar Rajan turned 60 and a lovely EIGHT PAGE art paper tributes- containing verbal and pictorial- was released by madam Padmini Janardhan.

With this we close this Sunday story and we shall meet tomorrow. Till then Good bye!.

 Contributing poets to the Anthology of Poetry and Prose released on 11th August.

8th in the third row-S.Nivetha

9th in the fourth row N V Subbaraman

National Thrift shop Day-AUGUST 17.

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What a great concept put into practice in America for long?
August Seventeenth-third Saturday of August every year
Is NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP day -a day eagerly looked forward by all
To make purchases of whatever they need at more or less half the rate!

Budget bound poor and middle class people are everywhere desiring
Purchase of furniture or utensils, books or shelves, fridge or ACs
At the concessional rates in those thrift shops- not compromising
Quality or color of our choice -great opportunities sure and pure

Shops collect the used ones and recondition them – restoring their
Originality and the not so rich with low budget at disposal
Make use of the seemingly fun day and equip their homes very well
Indeed a nice concept and well put into practice regular-helps all!

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TELL A JOKE DAY-August 16th.

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Humour Clubs are picking up here and there everywhere for our good
To make the members enjoy the jokes cracked by many on their Meet
People tired and stressful all over the days and weeks of work
To get relaxed forgetting misery and worries from sides many!

August sixteenth today is TELL A JOKE DAY!  Nice time to enjoy
Surely a great day for all-young and old, read and unread, employed and others!
Jokes have a power medicinal, relax them quick
A single word or a gesture, a question-answer fix
A whole short story nice anything that eases stress
“Joke”-wisecrack, gag, prank, quip, jape and jest sure to impress!

Oh! My Lord! The creator of the Universe great!
Full of joy and happiness, peace and poise a nice treat
People to be in harmony with all-humans sure
Society and the world with joy unalloyed and pure!

Yet we make our lives miserable with actions bad
And cause miseries to others and make them go mad.
Today is -“TELL A JOKE DAY” to dispel agony,
Make them forget their misery and make them merry!

Humor that makes one laugh heartily- great stress buster
Part of human culture for decades and decades-duster
That dusts the human mind of its sorrows and distress
Learn and TELL A JOKE A DAY sans offence, God to bless!

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4 in 1 GREAT DAY-August 15th

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I am an INDIAN FIRST AND INDIAN LAST be imbibed in all
A great Day is today-August Fifteenth Indian Independence Day
Seventy Two years ago under the inspiring leadership of great
And Noble FATHER OF OUR NATION –Mahatma Gandhi we got
Independence from the foreign yoke- that spirit of freedom
Sought to be diminished by the powers that be with their wisdom
Who propose to build a temple for the murderer of Mahatmaji and
Publish the assassin’s books- a shame and treacherous indeed!

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Today a holy day-RAKSHA BANDHAN DAY- festival  day to celebrate
Noble bond between families. If they are distant from each other,
Everybody gets together by pushing the pending work on the next day.
The bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters
Honored on this day of rakhi.  to pray for protection against all the evils
By tying a sacred thread- not just a piece of thread,-bond of love!
Every sister  ties the sacred thread ‘Rakhi ‘on her brothers’ wrist !


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A nice holy day is today- Feast of the Assumption Day religious
Assumption of Mary into Heaven bodily taking up of Virgin Mary
Into Heaven at the end of her earthly life! Assumption a major Feast day!
Feast Marked as a Holy Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church.

National Relaxation Day - August 15

RELAXATION DAY is today the fifteenth August encourages
To slow down and unwind! A day to take care of
Ourselves and take a moment to relax- we l need a break
From the fast-paced and hectic lifestyles we live and lead.
Taking time to recuperate and rejuvenate our tired minds and
Bodies help prevent many health risks! Too much work
Can make us sick, run-down, tired and it is proved that stress
Is harmful to our health, both mentally and physically!
Finding ways to relax and finding ways and means carefully
To reduce stress will improve overall health. Let us relax!!!



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,07,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 120th view at 21.00 hrs yesterday viz Wednesday  the Fourteenth August 2019, (14/08/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND SEVEN THOUSAND (2,07,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1652nd day and 1690th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.