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The holy land of India that is Bharath-our Motherland
Made the Nation the richest with great and noble sons and daughters
In the East and West, South and North-every part of the sacred land
From days of yore that spread the greatness of India all the world!

A noble philosopher, yogi, guru and nationalist
Poet who joined movement for independence, moralist
Freedom from British rule, one of thew influential leaders
Turned into a spiritual reformer, introduced a new visions!

Born in Bengal Aurobindo Ghose on fifteenth August, Eighteen
Seventy two studied for Indian Civil Service at King’s
College, Cambridge, England! Arrested and put in jail for writing
Against the British.While in jail, had mystical experiences!

Moved to Pondicherry, leaving politics for spiritual work.
There he developed spiritual practice of ‘Integral Yoga’.
Central theme of vision- evolution of human life into
A life divine!He founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram!.

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Aurobindo Ashram at Pondichery.

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Mathru Mandir at Pondichery



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From the age of seven to seventy seven enjoying
Freedom hard won under the leadership of Mahatmaji
With the army of millions- sans weapons- but weapons
Of truth and non-violence not seen in the world earlier!

Proud patriots called Indians-the great and noble sons and
Daughters of Bharatha Matha – beyond religion and region,
Caste and Creed, language and lineage-all were one- Indian
First and last- Britishers had no alternative- freedom was born!

Laid his life at the hands of a fanatic Indian
Misfortune it was. Let us give not any space for fanatics
In any form-in any part and in any religion
To ensure peace and prosperity, joy and plenty-resolve!


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He was just six at that time seventy two years ago
Partition of India worried him along with his father’s Oh!
He of course joined the celebrations next day happily
Enjoys that freedom his Motherland got very joyfully!

Later when he came across the Indo-Pakistan war he
Felt as bad as at the time of partition poor man was he!
Envius felt sad when in Cricket matches with us, they won
If not partitioned, team should have been formidable one!

Yes the person who feels sad and bad is none but thy friend
N. V. S who meets you all daily with his Envius Thoughts!
Let us pray and work towards perfect peace and harmony
Second largest viewers of this Blog after India is PAKISTAN!


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The youth of today are the largest in history
Young people comprise the majority in countries
Marked by armed conflict or unrest, it is important
To inject in them the spirit of peace and security!

The theme for current year is “Safe Spaces for Youth”.
Youth need safe spaces to engage in activities warmth
For their diverse needs and interests, decision making
And to freely express themselves. Safe spaces ensuring
Their dignity and safety.Civic spaces enable
Youth to engage in governance issues; public spaces
Afford youth to participate in sports and other leisure’s-
Activities in the community; digital spaces help
Interact virtually across borders with everyone;-self
Well planned physical spaces accommodate the needs
Of diverse youth especially those vulnerable
To marginalization or violence. Great day possible!

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OKR Sivagnanam க்கான பட முடிவு

Today it is 12-8-18 carrying the Part 19 of the Viewers View on Envius Thoughts!
On this day here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivaganam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more.
Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in from 1st June to 31st 31st July 2018..
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 18 covered up to 30th April 18. Here this Part 19 covers up to 31st July 2018
A nice read is your post on International Day of Friendship!
Opinions differ, we’re told!
The friction that develops as a result does harm to the otherwise smooth- going relationship!
We lose the opportunity of finding mental solace in desperate occasions in a state of strained relationship!
The evil of inflated ego renders the atmosphere grim and tough to deal with!
And it’s the right mental make-up in action that avoids this situation and helps in keeping the bond created the hard way in tact!
The arm of friendship that extends to entertain and accommodate differences helps in easing the situation for the better!
If friendship as between two intimate individuals cannot be maintained without hiccups, what will be the fate of friendly ties between two neighbourhood countries that’s very much essential for perennial peace and economic co-operation leading to mutual development, not to speak of peace pacts across the globe?
“To love and be loved”, is the singular and best win-win option we’re fortunately credited with to shake even the mountains and come out victorious unharmed!
Happy International Day of Friendship!
Your post yesterday on International Tiger Day today is a nice read!
Tiger is our national animal and stands for magnificence, courage and ferocity!
The fact that wild animals like tigers depend on herbivores for their survival is a pointer to the restriction on grasslands being overgrazed, thus resulting in ecosystem being well maintained!
The fact that tiger population is dwindling by the day is a pointer to the loss of their habitat due to poaching for man’s material gains!
This is not to discount its gradual extinction due to climate conditions too!
The fact that India is home to the largest tiger-population places a higher responsibility on our part to conserve the species from extinction!

A nice post on Buddha/Guru Poornima Day!
Teachers are a great pride of our society, and this day we remember those selfless souls who are actively moulding the people through their wise teachings!
That’s what the great gurus like Vyasa, the author of great epic Mahabharata and Goutama Buddha the renouncer of all his worldly pleasures, did to impart values in life!
Of importance is the role of teachers to the students in equipping them with necessary guidelines that help to navigate through the challenging phases of life later!
Rightly they are an inspiration to future leaders in the making!
And it’s incumbent on us to revere and accept them as indispensable part of our life!

A nice post on Subramania Siva Day!
The British atrocities were to the core, and our freedom fighters had to suffer a lot before we got our independence!
In the long list that targeted also included Subramania Siva who had to walk home because he was not allowed to travel in the train due to leprosy he was afflicted with while being a prisoner!
And the greatness of our leaders lies in their courage and determination in challenging the ways of the British who were out to scuttle the efforts of selfless souls in all possible ways!

Steadfastness marked every move of their mission called the freedom movement, and no stone remained unturned in their serious pursuit for the singular cause of the freedom-starved people of our nation!
Glory of saints nicely brought out!
Saints, including Thiruvalluvar, live to eternity the way their words of wisdom continue to influence us positively, transcending all barriers!
The impact they create on the society is powerful enough to shape it rightly and guide through all the challenges posed to it!
The influence with which the wisdom words come out of the heart and soul of the saints is enormous and forceful that they cannot go irrelevant at any point of time!
The truth that their wise sayings hit the nail on the head is total and beyond questionable on one pretext or the other!
The couplets by Thiruvalluvar are so crisp and to the point that interpretations by others fail to reflect to its exactitude!
Glory to the saints and their stellar contribution to the humanity!

A nice Online Interview as Sunday Story from you this week!
The inputs provided herein are highlights on your consistent literary activities especially through your famous blog, of course, apart from your books, original and translated, including!
Reference to Thirukkural is the crown that beautifies the story splendidly, for this great work of Thiruvalluvar has got universal application through its verses!
You’ve nicely brought out the importance of translation in bridging the gap reportedly created due to regionalism!
Youth power essentially of this era is determinant of what future is going to be like!
And literature of various nations, when translated in common language will provide the right setting in this respect!
You’ve shown how inspiration works better in one’s life journey, with the triumvirate Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar, and Mahatma Gandhi, accompanying and guiding your way of life and living!
And your call to the youngsters to read and read is a nice message worth broader sharing!
Wishing you a happy Sunday!

Burmese Martyrs Day – 19th July – a revelation of the historic incident to the readers!
We have anti-nationals everywhere to disrupt peace among the people!
The selfish motive of a few individuals makes humanity pay a heavy price, resulting in untold miseries to the legitimate rulers and the common citizens!
Sometimes motives may be just right, in that lies the responsibility of the people in power to address appropriately and provide the remedy needed!
Even then, the approach of the fighters for their cause needs to be cautious and peaceful, in the larger interest of all concerned!
Nice quotes by Mandela for refreshing us on his day!
Thoughts of great souls like those of Nelson Mandela are for the humanity to survive in an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood!
Leading life without losing dignity is a fundamental right of one and all!
Anyone who’s out to deny this to others can feel the pinch only when they encounter with such an eventuality in life!
Children to become responsible should be treated by the elders the way they should be, lest we have to repent later for not doing justice to the young minds!
Freedom air we must get to breathe, and in its absence, our tied hands will falter, and fail to better the lives!
His quote, ” It always seem impossible until it’s done “, can drive everyone of us to give in our best in whatever we attempt at, and to succeed in the end!
And his call to ‘ brave ‘ fear and act courageously will provide the force required to attain the set goals!
A happy day to remember his nice ideas for betterment of society!
It’s great of your efforts behind your THOUGHTS reaching the view-score of 157000 yesterday!
Voice of Valluvar- a nice come – back through your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
We’re just instruments in the hands of God, and what we’re doing is just execution of HIS commandments, exactly the way he directs!
We cannot transgress the path shown by HIM!
Rather we are mesmerized into doing as dictated by HIM – however hard we may try, it’s not within our reach to change course- it’s just like an involuntary task!
HE is our true companion throughout our journey on this earth, and let us heartily welcome what’s dealt with by HIM!
Learn to accept and lead life peacefully!
Yet another beautiful poem by Tagore, followed by your nice comments and translation!
The doors of the Almighty are ever open to all!
Rather we’re unwilling and hesitant to let HIS compassion fall on us!
Closed are our ears that never let us hear the merciful words of the Lord, chanting nonstop for the humanity!
Closed are our eyes that never perceive and imagine the benevolence that’s reserved in HIM for our benefit!
Our feelings and emotions are numb as not to feel the the God’s real concern for all of HIS creations on Earth!
Let us all wake up from the ‘ pretending ‘ stupor, and accept the helping hand of the Almighty, for our own sake!
What a nice poem from Gitanjali by Tagore, and your views and translation!
Time and tide wait for none, and we must do right what we must, and at the opportune time, not to worry later!
What’s ordained is bound to happen irrespective of what we imagined or liked!
For, crying over spilt milk is of no avail!
Our responsibility is to give our best in whatever we do, and needless it’s to entertain anxiety or curiosity as to the results that follow!
Nature’s way is unique, and our wisdom lies in dancing appropriately to its set tunes, with sufficient care not to deviating to satisfy our whims and fancies!
Life’s a combination of good and bad, and we must adapt to the situations with the hope that everything will pass to make us feel ever at ease!
After darkness comes light, it’s for sure, and what’s expected of us is our patience which alone can provide the driving force to move ahead with total confidence!
This we must continue till we inevitably become one like the ‘faded faulty flower’, so that our purpose of life will get served to the commandment of NATURE, that’s nothing but the ALMIGHTY GOD , residing with us!

Okr Sivagnanam
8 July ·
A nice Sunday Story!
A nice press coverage of your Envius Thoughts!
Appreciation through the print media – seen in black and white – is indeed an inspiration for the best to follow!
And you’ll justify it by proving your mettle as is your wont – no doubt about it!
And what else can be more encouraging than such reports reaching tens of thousands of readers at their doorsteps!
Arise and achieve!
A nice post on American Independence Day
( July 4th )!
America, a pioneer among the democracies in the world!
Like us, America too came out of the clutches of the British Colony, and now breathing an air of freedom!
And showing the world the positive occurences born out of independence!
The unfettered freedom defeats the purpose of earning independence from the autocratic power for the benefit of the Motherland, for too much of anything is a curse!
There’s an increased amount of responsibility to exhibit by a free nation and educate their citizens on the value and limitations of democracy!
America is welcoming one and all wholeheartedly to its fold, and through facilitating fulfilment of their dreams, also get their nation’s agendas met!
One should keep in mind the effectiveness of doing something in an atmosphere of
non-intervention from external sources!
And it’s also incumbent on them not to cross the limits, and exert undue influence on others to the extent freedom is abhorred!
Let there be no country and no people in the midst of Slavery, and peace and prosperity be around for the enjoyment of all!
Stay positive and expect the results to follow to your liking!
Nice of your post on Canada day!
Each country in this world is unique in their own way, and I join with everyone in wishing a happy Canada Day to each one of those living there!
With more people relocating from their own places to countries many, culture of one country is spreading to other nations, with local culture allowed to be remaining in tact at the same time!
This broad-mindedness is at the centre of the economic development of the countries concerned, and also the mutual interaction between nationals of various countries that make everyone at ease in an alien setting!
Nice comments from Mr. Jagan on your nice blog that’s making rounds around the globe with increasing viewership by the day!
As your endnote of this Sunday Story suggests, the stamp of his scholarship is quite evidrnt in all of his valuable views!
My hearty appreciation to Mr. Jagan!
New score – new blood – new inspiration – acceleration and fast pick- up – and new milestones!
A nice post on Insurance Awareness Day!
Our lives are invaluable, and the monetary value we attach may not justify it!
Yet, considering the ‘ uncertainty factor ‘ that goes with a human life, we cannot brush it aside, but in stead, take care to insure it when we’re in perfect health, for our request for insurance will not be considered when our health fails!
This is where the question of ‘awareness’ arises, and more the awareness, the better it’s for us to keep our lives sufficiently insured to take care of the financial needs of dependents in our absence!
It may take some time to reconcile to the sudden loss of the breadwinner of a family, but afterwards everything will have to go as usual, and the wheel of life has to move on as before for the rest of the family members!
This requies financial support that’s well taken care of by INSURANCE!
Hence before it becomes too late, it’s prudent for the eligible ones to go in for sufficient insurance and remain peaceful in the remaining years with the thought of having successfully ensured the comforts of the family unit!
What a nice post on United Nations Public Service Day!
Public Service is a great pillar on which thrives the entire gamut of administration that’s at the back of the welfare of the citizens of the world nations!
Selfless attitude is an integral aspect of public service, playing dominant role in appropriately serving the people’s needs to their satisfaction!
Not allowing corruption to raise its ugly head ensures timely service to the intended, and the recipient goes with a happy mind, appreciating the work done by the people in charge of management of the affairs of a department concerned!
For, appreciation does the true magic of providing value-added service to the approaching customers in future!
It’s the true reward and motivation an employee gets in the course of his employment /profession to further improve upon his performance!
The higher-ups patting the workers then and there for the nice work done by them invariably make for an efficient and smooth administration!
Happy Public Service Day to all those involved in serving the humanity in one way or the other!

A peep into the freedom journey then and there can strenthen our will not to misuse the liberal thoughts against the interest of the nation!
Nice to read your post on International Yoga Day!
We are home to yoga, and it’s a perfect gift to the world!
It’s a much -talked about subject, and to be aware of its benefits, physical and mental, and practicing it regularly will yield the favourable results!
Religious colouring being applied, of late, to yoga seems to be a deterrent for all others to practice it!
Different forms of yoga in vogue cater to the specific needs of the practitioners!
As with other habits we are getting accustomed to, yoga too will become our routine, once we start doing it!
Your post on World Productivity Day is a good read!
Humankind is capable of fantastic performance!
We’re endowed with various talents, and go on increasing the skill-sets necessary to apply in life and work as well!
This comes in handy to achieve maximum productivity!
But the question is whether we’re putting them to use in full!
Society’s needs are increasing by the day, and in the course of our profession/employment, we need not relate productivity with monetary value we receive, but in stead, we should make it a practice to give our best, and offer something extra towards the welfare of the nation, in all possible ways!
This way our productivity goes up that helps in maximising the economic development of the country/world!
A Nice post on International Panic Day!
Life today is full of stress and strain!
Problems are many that we keep the panic button ever on!
But we should never allow this to continue all the time, and find alternatives to ease the situation by refreshing ourselves by going out quite often!
Lest we’ll get immersed in monotony and tension, affecting the quality of life!
Say no to panic and peace be ours all the time!
Your post All Because of Allah on the day of Ramzan is a nice read!
Culmination of a month-long fasting today marks the celebration of Ramzan festival by all the Muslims!
It’s an occasion to seek the pardon of the Allah for the wrongs commited by them!
It’s love that spreads peace and harmony around, and no religion seeks to embrace feelings of hatred among those following the teachings of other religions!
Happy Ramzan Day to the Muslim brethren!
A nice post on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!
Ageing population is on the rise, and continues to be a problem across the globe!
It becomes a burden on the family and society as well, the cause being an indifferent attitude of people towards this segment of the population!
It’s the lack of consideration for the aged who were very much active and useful to society in more ways than one during their prime age, that’s responsible for their unfortunate neglect!
Not only that, they are abused physically, emotionally, and financially by those who are very much close to them!
Old age is rather seen as a commitment by the society, forgetting that one day everyone is going to enter that vulnerable age, and remain dependent on their close relatives for their survival!
It’s for the care – givers in charge of the aged not to neglect their duty towards them, and diligently take care of their needs, and ensure their satisfaction and happiness in the evening of their life!
Only a proper awareness of the need to keep them in good spirits that can ensure a healthy society!

Your post on World Blood Donors Day is a nice read!
Yes, blood donation helps in saving the lives of many who are suffering from blood loss due to fatal accidents, and physical ailments as well!
It’s a honour on the blood donors who are life-givers to the needy!
It’s harmless for the healthy donors to make available their blood to others once in every six months!
It’s a valuable gift to the recipient in the form of new lease of life!
It’s an opportunity for the donor to be a responsible citizen, and render service to the humanity!
A life lost is lost forever, but the blood donated is sufficiently compensated with new blood!
The donor and the recipient get themselves well connected through this grand process, no matter they are separated by, say, the distance!
Let the eligible come forward on their own, and be of use to the people in a special way!

A nice poem from Tagore!
There will be –
Lull after storm,
Happiness after sadness,
Hope after failure,
Union after separation,
Strength after desperation,
Briskness after idleness,
Peace after confusion,
Determination after wavering,
Positivism after negativism,
Riches after poverty,
Health after illness, and so on……..
Life is thus a combination of ups and downs, and we need to learn to remain neutral to occurrences we are encountered with!
With the grace of Lord, and our will to extricate ourselves from the clutches that restrain routine activities, our shift to peace and happiness is assured!
Nice to listen to the poetic lines of Tagore’s Gitanjali and your thoughts!
Everyone coming in to this world experiences good and bad!
The incidents that occur in life contribute to our feelings good bad!
Many a time what’s happening on its own inside of us determines our moods good and bad!
Unexplained is the cause of shifting mental journey leaving one hilarious sometimes, and dejected oftentimes!
In the God’s scheme, everything is predetermined!
What’s keeping us dark about this fact is the crucial aspect that generates anxiety and suspence, leaving us wondering what next in line is going to be encountered with!
What’s expected of us is our strength to be responsible in performing the duties without setting our mind on the end result!
Strength and grace must flow naturally from the courteous Almighty on us the mortals to execute the purposes for which we have been allowed this valuable birth!
For, we’re just the tools in the hands of the Lord to execute HIS will meticulously!

A nice post on National Donald Duck Day!
Cartoon, a nice tool to express things subtly, and the Donald Duck is one of the characters with the characteristic comic element being presented to the various tastes of young and old alike!
There’s nothing like comedy that drives the monotony away, refreshing the mind!
This fast-faced world has produced in its wake what’s frequently referred to as stress that contributes to many of the physical ailments humanity suffer from!
A break now and then from this avoidable situation is the remedy we are fortunately blessed with!
The choice is ours to make use of this option of seeking the comic players like Donald Duck and Micky Mouse to make us lively and pleasant!
Your post on World Environment Day is informative and timely!
A great honour indeed it’s for India to host this year’s World Environment Day today!
Yes, no denying, with it goes our commitment to the issue, and our constructive action in fixing the problems connected with it!
And the theme, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, is apt for the reason that nowadays plastic has its presence in anything and everything we use!
The amount of waste being dumped in the ocean is a pointer to the enormity of the problem we face, and a clear direction to each one of us to be cautious about the consequences we must experience, and remain sensitive to the menace!
Let us remind ourselves that the quality of our life is directly proportional to the care and attention we bestow to keep our environment neat and tidy!
Let us not ourselves be the cause of our own destruction!
A nice post on Monday Day!
There may never be one without an experience of what’s called ‘ morning blues ‘, at one time or the other!
It’s about the need to get up from the otherwise a deep slumber with the characteristic reluctance, and face the day ahead!
‘ Monday blues ‘ is similar to this feeling of sadness that envelops one with the mere thought of starting the first day of the week, leave alone accomplishing it to our heart’s content!
If we delve deep into the concept, we will realize the folly of this ‘perception’, and go ahead with energy and enthusiasm to successfully execute the tasks planned!
A positive mental preparedness will take care of this negative influence, and will not only make our day a significant one, but also that of others around us!
A well thought – out plan the day before will make this day eventful!
For the retired people, as you mentioned, there’s no question of this ‘dreadful feeling’, as everyone of the 365/366 days is a SUNDAY with more time to stand and stare!

Only a passionate spirit can make one indulge in the monumental works of Shakespeare!
Many a time I would think on these lines- but then the spirit lacks unfortunately!
Am I alone im this venture?
Awareness created through your nice post on World No Tobacco Day today!
It’s good that heart disease is focussed this year to educate the tobacco users!
Reasons may be many for the ailments connected with heart, but the part being played by tobacco in its various forms cannot be overlooked, and hence the need for propagating the negative effects that go with it!
It’s not that they are not aware of its consequences, but that they find it difficult to give the practice a go-by due to their addiction over a period of time!
A mental preparation on their part can make them slowly drift from the habit, and save themselves from worst results in future!
The smokers must understand the fact of passive smokers being put in more trouble due to their unmindful act, and save the society too in the process!
Awareness is better directed at the people who get themselves addicted to this habit quite recently, for it’s easy to make them alive to the seriousness, compared to those on a long
‘ innings!’

Thus comes this SUNDAY STORY to a conclusion! We shall meet tomorrow-till then GOOD BYE!



Envius Thoughts crosses 1 64 000 views.

I am  glad to share with  you all that with the 18th view at 08.00 hours today-Sunday, the 12th August  in its 1314th post on 1261st day,  Envius Thoughts has crossed overall view score of 1 64, 000 (ONE LAKH SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND)  thanks to your encouragement and support . Kindly continue. Thanks


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God the Almighty in His compassion for humanity
Created men and women for mutual joy, harmony
No discrimination between man and woman great concept
For all to observe and cherish all over the world-precept!

Every year on August Eleventh parents across the world
Participate in National Daughter’s Day! Spend time with joys
Of our life! Letting our children know that we are glad girls
Are part of our life. Share stories, listen to the events of day!

Parents duty and pleasure it is to know their hopes, and dreams.
Understand and appreciate and go all out to fulfill
And make them know their duties and responsibilities
That helps build up a future great – happy and harmonious!


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Image result for Images of Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural


Chapter Five
அதிகாரம் 5
1. இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் இயல்புடைய மூவர்க்கும்
நல்லாற்றின் நின்ற துணை.
Ilvaazvaan enbaan iyalbudaiya moovarkkum
Nallaatrin ninra thuNai.
A man with his wife
Helps friends, relatives, the poor
Holds as goal of life!
He is a good husband who takes care of his parents, wife and children and along with them helps others as his goal. (41)

2 துறந்தார்க்கும் துவ்வா தவர்க்கும் இறந்தார்க்கும்
இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் துணை.
Thurandhaarkkum thuvvaadhavarkkum irandhaarkkum
Ilvaazvaan enbaan thuNai.
Married man in life
Helps the old, needy, helpless
As mission so nice!
Head of the family should take care of the old, needy, helpless and mendicants who seek his help. (42)

3 தென்புலத்தார் தெய்வம் விருந்துஒக்கல் தான் என்றாங்கு
ஐம்புலத்தாறு ஓம்பல் தலை.
Thenpulaththaar dheyvam virundhu okkal than enraangu
Aimpulaththaar oambal thalai.
As foremost duty
Serves the old, God, guests, kin and self
Self – the man holy!
An important duty of a head of the family is to take care in a virtuous manner the old, God, guests, his people and his own self. (43)

4 பழியஞ்சிப் பாத்தூண் உடைத்தாயின் வாழ்க்கை
வழியெஞ்சல் எஞ்ஞான்றும் இல்.
PaziyanjippaaththuuN uudaiththaayin vaazkkai
Vaziyenjal engngaanrum il.
His tribe prospers sure
When sins shunned, food and love shared
Leading his life pure!
Leading life according to the dictates of virtues, not committing any sins, sharing the available food with others, will make the life of the head of the family noble and his tribe will also prosper. (44)

5 அன்பும் அறனும் உடைத்தாயின் இல்வாழ்க்கை
பண்பும் பயனும் அது.
Anbum aranum udaiththaayin ilvaazkkai
PaNbum payanum adhu.
That is life divine
Wherein love and virtue reign
Purpose of life fun!
The married life in fact will be fun and joy filled if the couple keep love and virtues as cardinal and indeed their life will be a life Divine. (45)

6 அறத்தாற்றின் இல்வாழ்க்கை ஆற்றின் புறத்தாற்றின்
போஒய்ப் பெறுவது எவன்?
Araththaatrin ilvaazkkai aatrin puraththaatrin
Poayp peruvadhu evan?
Married life well led
In the virtuous way right
No better course found!
What else can be better if the married life is led in a virtuous and noble way? Nothing else is there to aspire for. (46)

7 இயல்பினான் இல்வாழ்க்கை வாழ்பவன் என்பான்
முயல்வாருள் எல்லாம் தலை.
Iyalbinaan ilvaazkkai vaazbavan enbaan
MuyalvaaruL ellaam thalai.
Indeed he is great
Who leads a nice married life
Among all we meet!
One who leads the married life in a virtuous life and the one who tries to is great and is hailed. (47)

8 ஆற்றின் ஒழுக்கி அறனிழுக்கா இல்வாழ்க்கை
நோற்பாரின் நோன்மை உடைத்து.
Aatrin ozukki aranizukkaa ilvaazkkai
Noarparin noanmai udaiththu.
Stronger than the strong
Is the noble householder
Among saints who throng!
The one who leads his married life in a virtuous manner and make others to be so, he is much better than a saint and his life nobler and stronger. (48)

9 அறன்எனப் பட்டதே இல்வாழ்க்கை; அஃதும்
பிறன்பழிப்பது இல்லாயின் நன்று.
Aranenap pattathae ilvaazkkai ahudhum
Piranpazippadhu illaayin nanru.
Married life noble
When all virtues well practiced
Sans world’s curse – feeble!
A properly led wedded life indeed is a noble one and it will add to glory if he is not cursed for anything by any body. (49)

10 வையத்துள் வாழ்வாங்கு வாழ்பவன் வான் உறையும்
தெய்வத்துள் வைக்கப் படும்.
VaiyaththuL vaazvaanggu vaazbavan vaan uraiyum
DeyvaththuL vaikkap padum.
Perfect life on earth
Finds one’s place high in heaven
Among Gods in mirth!
The wedded man who leads his life in a virtuous way is held in heaven in great respect along with the divine beings. (50)


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