24th October-United Nations Day.

United Nations Day

Twenty Fourth October-United Nations Day
Indeed great for the countries in the world this day
United Nations Organization founded
In Nineteen Forty Five-is seventy three today!

This day is to focus on the values this organization
Spells the principles of humanity, unity, and world peace.
After the two world wars and the cold war to salvage with ease,
Humanity from the scourge of war and wrath of destruction!

My mind goes to this day in Nineteen Sixty, as a final year
Student of Alagappa College, Karaikudi called by All India
Radio, Trichy for a quiz program on United Nations
Organization and out of seven marks we scored three was mine!

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Life is like that- in Nineteen Ninety one I cursed my stars
When posted to Bikaner Rajasthan on promotion;
Today on retrospection I feel it was God sent in years
Chances rarely come in one’s professional life-to mention!

Twenty Third October today is Marwar Festival-in Jodhpur
The second largest city in  Rajasthan; was the seat of Marwars .  Capital of the kingdom was Marwar! Jodhpur near  Bikaner.  Many palacesforts and temples, in the stark Thar Desert.

Most popular Festival in the city-folk dancers at their best
Lovely Camel procession a great sight to see and enjoy next
India our holy Motherland has a lot of Festivals promoting
Peace and joy, harmony and relationship strongly building!

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22nd October- WORLD MOTHER-IN-LAW’s Day.

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In the creation of the humanity-God Almighty willed
That all must live happily and cordially well related
The whole world to be treated as our kith and kin quite sure
All members of the family belonging as one unit pure!

Mother-in – law of the boy is his mother and girl her mother
To be loved and respected as much as one’s mother to be-better!
Unfortunate that a MOTHER-IN-LAW of the girl treats her as slave
Making the family lose all respect due to a mother in-law!

World Mother-in-Law’s Day is today the Twenty Second October
Let all show a special respect and regards to her who are
Fortunate to have Mother-In-Law with them-many who yearn
For her at home but not that fortunate. they sure do mean! –

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Here is Part 19 of VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS –  viewer being my erstwhile colleague in my great premier Public Sector Undertaking viz Life Insurance Corporation of India where I served for more than FOUR decades and the Industry for another decade!!!Yes he is well known to our esteemed viewers and here is he Mr. OKR Sivagnanam, of Periyar District, Tamilnadu.

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Obeisance to Goddess of Learning – nicely done presenting the Bharathi’s song with your transliteration and translation!

Because of its being omnipresent, Goddess Saraswathi’s role in whatever we learn is total, guiding our way with intelligence!

Learning makes man perfect, and it’s all the more important to make use of that knowledge in real-life situations!

It’s a life-long process, and continues till our last breath!

Why not we decide to learn at least one new thing a day from now on so that what’s essential is clearly known and meticulously practiced in the reminder of our life-time?



A nice awareness created on World Food Day and Anti – Poverty Day through your posts!

A day when each one of the living beings suffer not without food can really be called a DAY!

A healthy food is all that makes us guard against varying diseases!

A day we say adieu to junk foods particularly by children and youth will be a day that ensures a quality life for all!

Poverty takes away the quality of life, with insufficiency posing a challenge during the activities of people required to ensure the going by one way or the other!

Poverty will get out of our homes when the haves and the governments of the day consider providing the have-nots with an opportunity for gainful employment!

Your quote of Poet Bharathiyar’s call to end the whole world even if an individual goes without food is indicative of the significance and seriousness of eradication of poverty once and for all from our midst!


Happy to know the score of 177000 views!

What a nice post on World Standards Day on 14th October!

For anything and everything there’s a standard fixed and sought to be maintained to keep an organisation’s image guarded!

We expect quality for the products we buy, and the services we receive!
It’s value for the money that goes out of our hands, and anything less than that disappoints us, and we’re left with no other option but shifting our loyalty to where we hope to get satisfaction!

We’ve zero- tolerance to get cheated, and surely it’s a nice way that drives people to be ever vigilant, delivering the product or the service, as the case may be, exactly in accordance with the optimum standard promised!

In this competitive era, the concept of ‘ suvival of the fittest ‘, holds true, and deviating entities/organisations/enterprises/companies/individuals need to go into exile!

That globalisation makes possibility of choices abundant, and that everything is just a click away, is in a way a guarantor of qualities, wherever we are!

What a nice poem depicting the nature of NATURE in your post on Tagore’s Gitanjali – under Part 24!

Nature moves on ‘ religiously ‘, and we have to follow suit no matter what our routine is!
It’s the lesson we are taught only to apply meticulously without excuse or explanation!

It’s incumbent on us to start each day with a sense of vigor and freshness, and make it as effective and memorable as possible, in the exact footsteps of NATURE that’s our Friend, Philosopher, and Guide!

The veil of darkness that envelops is but an interval and transition that well prepares us for the next day’s eventful performance the following day!

It’s just the right key in our pocket to unlock new possibilities that’s is in store for us!


A long and great story on the Great Festival- Duserah!

A nice reproduction of the proceedings of the festival at Prasanthi Nilayam, with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba showering his blessings on the congregated devotees!

It’s celebration of the victory of the good and the righteous over the evils rampant amongst members of society!

It’s but a call to ending all the vices under the sky to give birth to virtues that make human beings a perfect embodiment of God, the ultimate maker and the effective protector!

An occasion to imbibe good qualities in man to make the lives of others without ripples, and peaceful!

May we not allow ego to intrude and raise its ugly heads to spoil the ralationships that’s otherwise hard to build and nurture!


A nice post on Indian Air Force Day on 8th October!

We have our air space protected, thanks to the Air Force wing doing the job nicely!

People are taken care of by the sacrificing Air Force personnel during natural calamities with the latter supplying the food requirements and other basic necessities they are unable to get!

Their service is noteworthy, and they are the messengers of God sent to provide succour to the needy, rich and poor alike!

It’s in their hands to alter the gloomy atmosphere to one of hope and happiness by completely bringing them outside the dangerous zones!


  • A nice post on World Calamity Control Day!

We shudder at destruction of life and property, both man-made and natural!

What’s man-made can be limited to the minimum by avoiding what’s not warranted, and as for natural calamities, the onus is on the people to take precautionary measures if they know it beforehand, and take remedial measures once it’s occurred!

Swift action on a war footing will have the minimum impact as a result of calamities, and save the humanity and other living beings from the fury of nature!

Imparting training to all to deal with such emergency situations will make them prepared for any eventuality, leaving them to make it easy and manageable without fear or anxiety!


A nice post on the World Sight Day, focusing on the most essential eye care we should be conscious of!

Loss of vision is in effect loss of life – the assertion is definitely not out of desperation, but due to its significance not to be lost sight of in the day-to-day human lives!

Diabetes is one of the main reasons contributing to vision problems, and hence the necessity for serious awareness to be created in maintaining eye-health!

All other blindness es are out of ignorance to come out of which requires spark in us to ignite the inherent wisdom otherwise lying dormant in our minds!

May the vision-less come out this condition and enjoy the fruits of life!

That a man attains his full potential if he’s physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually sound and health is well brought out in your post dedicated on the occasion of World Mental Health Day!

A neat mental health ensures a good physical health that takes care of man’s intellectual and spiritual dimensions favorably!

Deviating young minds is not indicative of a happy society, and it’s a reflection on the level of deterioration we’re facing nowadays!

It’s a bundle of all virtues that differentiates man from other living beings, and may we not disprove the truth, and lose our status!



A nice post on the International Day of the Girl Child!

Equality in anything and everything is what’s doing the rounds nowadays!
Empowerment of girl children and women has gained momentum, thanks to the awareness created across the societies!

Survival of the fittest has come to stay as ever before, and there’s no logic in demeaning the fair sex by the patriarchy that ever wants to have its hold on the females!

The days are over when women are considered not fit to handle this and that!
They are equally intelligent and powerful to take on their male counterparts on almost all fields, many a time proving their superiority over the latter!



May there be no discrimination on the basis of sex, and may everyone realize the import behind this concept in uplifting the society to greater heights!


Nice to read Part 1 of your 3 G’s as Sunday Story this week!

Deliberations of the mega event Depicted well, and had its full play enacted to the enchantment of the readers’ taste for literature.

What a nice concept to hold and practice!
Love and peace unlocks the Paradise Lost to get it Regained on this earth!

Anyway it’s peace at the end of the war, and why the hell on this earth a craving for it that entails nothing but destruction of life and property?

Love and Peace buy us anything under the sky, and why then a resort to Hatred and Violence that kills the charm of life?

The success of the Meet lies in its call to embrace love and peace for the Wellness of the Humanity!


World Teachers Day – a nice read!

A teacher is not a teacher, but a student always- true or false?
It’s an absolute truth, for he cannot remain an effective teacher without being a student, seriously!

Sans updating, a teacher ceases to be so with just routinely giving out usual lectures without something extra and special that add lustre to his profession!

He must be as religious and meticulous in learning more and more on a subject to render his teaching more and more interesting and enjoyable to the students known for their inquisitiveness!

Nobility attached to teachers makes them enviable to the society that thrives on the road shown by them!

Glory to the teaching community the world over, and let them be taken care of for the humanity to ensure the continued service of teachers!


Nice to read yours on World Smiles Day today!

Smile – it’s parting of our lips to unite humanity with a silent expression of love and affinity that holds all in togetherness!

An aura of peace surrounds this beautiful attribute that one can legitimately be proud of being its owner!

A tool that makes all differences vanish in no time and rendering the atmosphere with a feel-good tag!

A relationship-builder in-wait to the rescue of hearts entangled in knots by being a solution itself!

Whether we own wealth or not is irrelevant once we own the gorgeous SMILE in abundance in our wardrobe and never forget to wear it to present ourselves nicely!


A great going with 175000 views!




Your World Heart Day post yesterday opens the door to happiness!

I’m worthwhile if and only if I’m prepared to spare my heart to what I do or what I love!

I may be financially poor, but with a rich heart I may beat millionaires and billionaires!

I’m on the right path provided I follow the dictates of my heart with utmost good faith!

I’m wrong if I conclude my eyes give me the vision – instead my heart steps in to guarantee the right vision!

I’m having the key to open in to the hearts of others – it’s nothing but the SMILE!

Functions of heart never cease with these few ideas, but extend to infinity!


We should, or else, we have to confront many ills bordering on HEART!

A lifestyle that suits our hearts will fit in all occasions and do the wonders for us!

May all of us rededicate ourselves this World Heart Day to the cause of HEART, and give our best to the humanity!


A nice Sunday Story!

You’ve done a great justice to the International Translation Day with a great number of translations to your credit!

And the awards and recognition you’re credited with so far stand testimony to your achievements in the field!

As you’ve pointed in your interview referred to herein, translation is an effective tool that helps in making the literary works made by the various creators elsewhere, transcending continents and separated by distance, available easily to the readers from different languages!

Wishing you many more milestones in your literary journey!

Thus comes to an end this Sunday Story. I am sure you would have all enjoyed the same. Till we meet tomorrow may the God be with you.


Blogger with his NTR All India Award!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,78,000  views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 54th  view at 08.30 hrs today viz Sunday  the Twentieth (20th) October 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND SEVENTY EIGHT THOUSAND (1,78,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1270th day and 1386th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.




















20th October-King Raja Raja Chola Birth Day

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Thousand Thirty Three years ago this day was born a great KING
Who ruled the Chola Nadu of those days;Cauvery Delta is a
Region of Tamil Nadu encompassing the lower reaches of
Kaveri River and its delta, cultural homeland of Chola dynasty.

Was the Political base of the Cholas who ruled most of
South India and parts of Sri Lanka and South-East Asia!
Thanjavur was capital of the greatest of the dynasty
Raja Raja Chola. KING OF KINGS-magnificent was his rule!

During ninth and thirteenth centuries. Uraiyur first capital
Medieval Cholas shifted to Thanjavur and later Ganfgaikonda
Cholapuram.with Rajendra Chola as King. Raja Raja Chola
Built the famous Tanjore BIG TEMPLE for Bragadeeswara!

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As I always say and write one of my chief Mentors is Mahakavi Bharathiyar . To day being the end of Daserra, it was thought fit to bring in this subject and I am sure my esteemed viewers will relish. Thanks.

NavarAththiri —Bharathi ‘s song நவராத்திரி —பாரதி பாடல்

NavarAththiri Song–நவராத்திரிப் பாட்டு

Composer: MahAkavi Subramanya BhArati

NavarAtri festival is dedicated to goddess Shakthi manifested in three popular forms—Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Three days each are allocated to the three goddesses and worshiped during this period. The most popular event during this period is the arrangement of golu in most houses wherein various dolls of religious and mythological sinificance are displayed in a stair-like arrangement.

In the Carnatic music world, this period is celebrated with music concerts which feature exclusively those songs which are in praise of dEvi. Various music sabhas arrange such thematic concerts of several musicians. Some of the prominent composers whose songs are featured in such concerts are: Purandara dAsa, Muththuswami Dikshitar, Thyagaraja, Shyama Sastri, OoththukkADu Venkata Kavi, SwAti ThirunAL, PApanAsam Sivan, and a few other modern day composers.

While the songs of above-mentioned composers are given due importance during NavarAtri, let us see an important composition of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi. He wrote one specific song titled navarAtrip pATTu which has 4 stanzas wherein he sang on the three prime goddesses—PArvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. This is unique because no one else included all the three of them in the same song.

Bharathi was a maverick universalist and a firebrand nationalist who risked his life and family in the pursuit of national freedom, women’s empowerment, and the upliftment of the” lower class” people while living in abject poverty and writing excellent poetry on various topics all along. His devotional songs on all Hindu Gods and Goddesses, as well as Allah, and Jesus Christ are well-known. Here is navarAtip pATTu here.

This song in ChaarukEshi raagam was specially composed-as reported to have been  extemporaneously by Bharathi at the request of his daughter ThangammaaL in PuduccEri (ca 1912) on the occasion of navaraathri.

நவராத்திரிப் பாட்டு

மாதா பராசக்தி வையமெல்லம் நீ நிறைந்தாய்!
ஆதாரம் உன்னையல்லால் ஆரெமக்குப் பாரினிலே!
ஏதாயினும் வழிநீ சொல்வாய் எமதுயிரே!
வேதாவின் தாயே! மிகப்பணிந்து வாழ்வோமே.

In this first stanza Bharathi is addressing Shakthi who is a blend of all the three goddesses, PArvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Shakthi mother, Bharathi says, is all pervasive in the universe. There is nobody else with whom to seek refuge. He appeals to the goddess to guide him (us) for virtuous life. He addresses her as the mother of all VEdAs and that we will surrender unto her. (Even under the most adverse circumstances in his personal life he never lost hope and worshiped Paraasakthi fervently.)

வாணி கலைத் தெய்வம் மணிவாக் குதவிடுவாள்
ஆணிமுத்தைப் போலே அறிவுமுத்து மாலையினாள்
காணுகின்ற காட்சியாய்க் காண்பதெலாங் காட்டுவதாய்
மாணுயர்ந்து நிற்பாள் மலரடியே சூழ்வோமே

In this second verse Bharathi addresses goddess Saraswati (vANi) who is the deity in charge of the arts who will shower her grace on us for good speech. Like a flawless pearl she is the garland of knowledge. She is one whom we behold with reverence and whatever we see it is she who portrays them. She towers above everything that we imagine and “let us surrender at her flower feet”.

பொன்னரசி நாரணனார் தேவி, புகழரசி
மின்னுநவ ரத்தினம்போல் மேனி யழகுடையாள்
அன்னையவள் வையமெல்லாம் ஆதரிப்பாள், ஸ்ரீதேவி
தன்னிரு பொற்றாளே சரண்புகுந்து வாழ்வோமே

In this third quatrain Bharathi extols goddess Lakshmi as a golden queen ( reminiscent of MuttuswAmi Dikshithar’s song “hiraNmayIm lakshmIm   in lalitaa raagam) who is the consort of lord NaaraayaNa and one who is the epitome of fame. She has the beautiful complexion of the dazzling nine gems. She is the mother who protects all the beings in the universe. “Let us surrender unto the golden feet of Sri dEvi and flourish”.

மலையிலே தான் பிறந்தாள் சங்கரனை மாலையிட்டாள்
உலையிலே யூதி உலகக் கனல் வளர்ப்பாள்
நிலையில் உயர்த்திடுவாள், நேரே அவள் பாதம்
தலையிலே தாங்கித் தரணிமிசை வாழ்வோமே

In the last of the four stanzas, Bharathi praises Goddess Paarvati as having been born in the mountain (hima giri tanayE) and married lord Shiva (Sankaran). She bears all the cosmic energy and by cultivating the flame (in the foundry) she creates and sustains the energy in the universe. She will protect us.” Let us bear her feet on out heads and prosper in this world”.

For the benefit of those who can’t read Thamizh script, the transliterated Roman script version is given below as is the practice with this Blog.

NavarAththirip pATTu 

MAthA parAsakthi vaiyamellam nI niRaindAy!
AdhAram unnaiyallAl Aremakkup pArinilE!
EdhAyinum vazhinI solvAy emadhuyirE!
VEdhAvin tAyE! migappaNindhu vAzhvOmE.

VANi kalaith theyvam maNivAk kudhaviDuvAL
ANimuththaip pOlE aRivumuththu mAlaiyinAL
KANuginRa kATciyAyk kANbadhelAng kATTuvadhAy
MANuyarndhu niRpAL malaraDiyE sUzhvOmE

Ponnarasi nAraNanAr dEvi, pughazharasi
Minnunava raththinampOl mEni yazhaguDaiyAL
annaiyavaL vaiyamellAm AdharippAL, srIdEvi
tanniru poRRALE saraNpugundhu vAzhvOmE

malaiyilE thAn piRandhAL sankaranai mAlaiyiTTAL
ulaiyilE yUdhi ulagak kanal vaLarppAL
nilaiyil uyarthiDuvAL, nErE avaL pAdham
thalaiyilE thAngith tharaNimisai vAzhvOmE

Thanks to Google Guru I could make out this post today and I am sure you will with me tomorrow specifically “In Obeisance of Goddess Saraswathi-the Goddess of LEARNING.

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On the pretty petals of the white Lotus!   (வெள்ளைத் தாமரைப் பூவிலிருப்பாள்)

According to Hinduism, Goddess of Learning , knowledge and wisdom is Goddess Saraswathi. Mahakavi Bharathiyaar has written 10 verses under the above caption. First in Tamil and its translation in English by Me are given here. 


Dwelling on the petals of white lotus
In the melodious sound of Veena
In the minds of the bards giving poems
Those give joy to the people of status
In search of the meaning inner of Vedas
Sacred meaning of the words of seers
Dwells the Mother of knowledge and power
On the pretty petals of the lovely lotus!                                  (1)


வெள்ளைத் தாமரைப் பூவிலிருப்பாள்!

வெள்ளைத் தாமரைப் பூவில் இருப்பாள்
வீணை செய்யும் ஒலியில் இருப்பாள்
கொள்ளை யின்பம் குலவு கவிதை
கூறு பாவலர் உள்ளத் திருப்பாள்!
உள்ள தாம்பொருள் தேடியுணர்ந்தே
ஓதும் வேதத்தின் உள்நின் றொளிர்வாள்
கள்ள மற்ற முனிவர்கள் கூறும்
கருணை வாசகத் துட்பொருளாவாள்!


VeLLaith thaamaraip poovil iruppaaL
VeeNai seyyum oliyil iruppaaL
KoLLai inbam kulavu kavidhai
Kooru paavalar uLLath thiruppaaL!
ULLa thaamporuL thaediyuNarndhae
Oadhum vaedhaththin uLnin roLirvaaL
KaLLa matra munivargaL koorum
KaruNai vaasagath utporuLaavAAL!


Saraswathi Pooja in the Blogger’s home.


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