Oh! The Lord of the Universe
Glittering Sun my Master
Great giver of life and light
Bless us with thy love and might!

Humans, animals, plants and all
Look for thy grace to stand atop!

Last rays of the dying Sun
Glitter like gold in the western sky
Giving joy to those who see in time!
How on Earth one’s last days
Glitter well like your last rays?

No pain, no panic, no tears
Nor a burden to his kith and kin
Active and serving till his end!

How one gets that ‘gift of life’
Sure with his will and wit so high!

Faith in God, prayer invoking His grace
Control over palate, senses to keep bright the face
Regular exercise to body and mind
Simple living, high thinking that one can find
Sure ways to peaceful, pleasant and noble death
Finest GIFT OF LIFE you get!

“GIFT OF LIFE IS NOBLE DEATH.” It is my father who got this GIFT OF LIFE who died at the age of 86 in the year 1987! This was written on that occasion.


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