Oh! Merciful God
I do see the services of
Jawans in the frontiers keeping vigil
Protecting the sovereignty of the holy soil
Fishermen going deep in the mid sea
Earning their bread and butter- days without tea
Miners working hours in darkness
Exploiting minerals for our happiness
Farmers going to the fields early morning
Tilling, toiling, sweating, suffering till late evening
Potters working in clay and water
Producing lovely pots to cook and keep!

Millions of workers do their job
Facing risk of life and hazards of health
Without creating worthwhile wealth!

Millions and millions on earth
Un and under employed sans worth!
I am indeed blessed
With the job I have
With the work I do!
Let me not
shirk my duty
be tempted to dishonesty
be a parasite on the society!
Let me
be helpful to all my clients
be respectful to all my elders
be sensitive to the needs of my office
qualify to go up the ladder
deserve to get what I desire!
Oh! God Almighty!
Give me the strength to stand the stress
And help my colleagues to stay in bliss
Grant me the will to be at peace
And spread that peace to all with ease!


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