Oh! My Lord! The kind and most compassionate God!
Why in Thy creation thousands in wants and need?
Disgrace and shame surely lie not in poverty
Sure lie in doing nothing to end honestly!

Oh! My Lord! Grant me strength and means to work and earn
Not a burden on the society sans concern
Show me the path and guide me through the way to move
Away from poverty; give will power to prove!

Poor – rich, healthy and sick, freewill or destiny?
God of wealth and knowledge! Bless us all with plenty.
Give us power and strength, will and wisdom plenty
To seek, to strive, to find and not to yield in duty!

With Thy grace and help, I will be out of darkness
I will extend hands of help to my kith and kin
Soon all will enjoy our cup of peace and brightness
To suffer on earth we will commit no more sin!


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