Oh! My Lord! The creator of the Universe
In thy creation, business is quite diverse!
I am one in a business of my own choice
Let me be quite honest to enjoy peace and poise!

My profession is business that should be fair
My profit or loss, customers to gladly share
Dull or buoyant let me be ever ethical
Business for profit; that alone cynical!

Lord! High business principles I should stand for
That of service with fairness which should take me far
Far from those business men greedy and jealous
Let me be different, principled and pious!

Business I deem as a profession noble
My God! Kindly make my business enable
To serve my beloved brethren, customers-valued
Who will love and respect and to me ever glued!


3 thoughts on “A BUSINESS MAN’S PRAYER

  1. Too good to be true ; must be an exceptional business man desirous of pursuing ethical path in conducting his business K VASUDEVAN


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