Oh! My Lord! The benevolent Creator!
Grateful I am for making me a sweeper
To make our homes, the roads and city cleaner
Give me the mind to do my duties clear!

Easy it is to clean the roads and homes sure
Before let me sweep my mind with dirt that stinks
Bless me with the art of making men’s minds pure
It is too much to ask of Thee, King of Kings!

My broom stick is too weak to do that I know
Thee and Thee alone can make it strong and show
We can cleanse our minds too with Thy grace and love
Help me play my part with the mind of a dove!

Cleanliness of the home and mind important
For the men to be free and noble constant
Let me sweep, sweep well honestly with fervor
Seeking all Thy blessings, support and favor!

Mind and body clean and noble sure dear
To Thee, and the world we know very clear
Yet we are not able to make wholly pure
Bless me Lord, to succeed in my effort to cure!


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