Oh! My Lord, the Creator of animals and humans
In Thy great benevolence are made men and women
Short and tall, ugly and fair, good and bad, kind and wicked
Thee have made me short and fat, am being pitied and mocked!

Thy great love and compassion for me made me a buffoon
Serving a circus company providing jokes- a boon
To the tired and weary, in pain and worries untold
With my fun I make them relax and enjoy manifold!

A clown and jester I am to provide fun and frolic
Taking risk quite a lot, in air I do acrobatic
Physical features have not deterred me a bit, my Lord!
Give me strength of body and mind to continue my God!

Thee has taught me, my Creator, it is the mind and not
The physique that makes or mars me and granted me a shot
To prove the world, that there is purpose in Thy creation
Let me not feel bad or sad, I have my satisfaction!


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