I should indeed be thankful for my fourteenth anniversary of my retirement from my LIC services and my Journalist son from Bangalore for my entry into the wonderland of “BLOGS”.

Yes; I retired from the services of the great Life Insurance Corporation of India on 28th February 2001 after a glorious stint of forty years. On the fourteenth anniversary of my retirement, casually I thought of writing a small write up on my “TRYST WITH LIC” to be shared with my friends from LIC and others. I recollected my pre-LIC days and my services in LIC and short post-LIC days! I could recollect some of my experiences at different stages and different places and put them in black and white with a few photographs of age.

In these matters, normally I used to consult my second son who is a free lancing journalist from Bangalore having worked in the field of Software Development!?!?!? ( a Master of Financial Management by qualification through Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning- Prasanthi Nilayam, Andhra Pradesh) and two leading Financial News Paper and a Fortnightly magazine for over a decade. My other two boys are not that interest in literary activities and are quite busy with their own professions one in General Insurance Industry and the other a reputed Vision Scientist now serving in the University of Waterloo, Canada.
It was my journalist son who suggested my “TRYST with LIC” can be published through my own Blog and thus was born my “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” through https://wordpress.com – an experience – great and lovely, exciting and exhilarating,-encouraging and depressing!
On Saturday the 28th February 2015, fourteenth anniversary of my retirement my maiden posting was done in my blog- not very sure how many will see, read or respond. Thanks to the advanced Information Technology, I could not only create my blog, post and inform to my friends-well known and not so well known through all pervasive email-gmail! Amazingly for my first post I got so many feed backs, comments through mail and telephone and the wordpress blog statistics told me 148 views were there on the first day of my creation of the blog!!!! This is the highest number of views in a day till this 50th post today -64th day of the birth of my blog! How encouraging, inspiring and self satisfying!
How energizing is the wordpress statistics! Look at the following country wise views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS:

Country Views

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.33.05 pm


Literary lovers from ELEVEN countries- East and West, North and South- have viewed these thoughts-quite refreshing indeed! This is at a particular point of time – changing with every passing day!

At the instant of my journalist son and some of my close friends, I began to post my thoughts almost on a daily basis and the total of 50 has come in 64 days! I had created a Google group of friends and use to post a mail to all of them soliciting their continued support. As and when the total view CROSS a HUNDRED I used to jump in joy; I know I am an “alpa santhoshi” getting delighted at even small things in life! I am conscious of the fact age 74 should take us beyond the realms of pleasures and pains, successes and failures and such ‘dwandhwas’ –pairs of opposites! But practically, I am delighted at the high number of views one day and depressed at the low number of views another day!
I began to post my poems during the week days and a story on the Sundays when my good friends can leisurely read a long write up and in that way including this one, my Sunday stories are 10.
Sl.No. Date Content
1 28/2/2015 TRYST WITH LIC
3 19/3/2015 LOWE STORY
4 20/3/2015 Pious Welcome to 2015! (Poem)
5 21/3/2015 மீண்டும் ஒரு முறை (Poem)
7 23/3/2015 Gift of Life (Poem)
8 24/3/2015 All I Need To Practice (Poem)
9 25/3/2015 Does Not Mean (Poem)
10 26/3/2015 Bless Me With Those Eyes. (Poem)
11 27/3/2015 An End To All. (Poem)
12 28/3/2015 An Elegy.(Poem)
14 30/3/2015 A Bright Tomorrow (Poem)
15 31/3/2015 Strong and the Weak (Poem)
16 1/4/2015 A Student’s Prayer (Poem)
17 2/4/2015 A Teacher’s Prayer (Poem)
18 3/4/2015 A Housewife’s Prayer (Poem)
19 4/4/2015 An Office Boy’s Prayer (Poem)
20 5/4/2015 GOOD BYE TO COFFEE
21 6/4/2015 A Politician’s Prayer (Poem)
22 7/4/2015 A Scientist’s Prayer (Poem)
23 8/4/2015 A Writer’s Prayer (Poem)
24 9/4/2015 A Doctor’s Prayer (Poem)
25 9/4/2015 Jayakanthan Passes Away (Poem)
26 10/4/2015 A Richman’s Prayer (Poem)
27 11/4/2015 A Poor man’s Payer (Poem)
29 13/4/2015 A Business Man’s Prayer (Poem)
30 14/4/2015 A Priest’s Prayer (Poem)
31 14/4/2015 புத்தாண்டே வருக (Poem)
32 15/4/2015 A Patient’s Prayer (Poem)
33 16/4/2015 A Sweeper’s Prayer (Poem)
34 17/4/2015 A Journalist’s Prayer (Poem)
35 18/4/2015 A Buffoon’s Prayer (Poem)
36 19/4/2015 LIFE BEYOND 65
37 20/4/2015 A Servant Maid’s Prayer (Poem)
38 22/4/2015 Distant Voice Is Heard (Poem)
39 22/4/2015 Mother Earth – Divine (Poem)
40 23/4/2015 World Book Day Is Today (Poem)
41 23/4/2015 World Book Day is Today (Revised) (Poem)
42 24/4/2015 A Dhobi’s Prayer (Poem)
43 25/4/2015 Finest Value of Life (Poem)
44 26/4/2015 FOLK LORE
45 27/4/2015 A Barber’s Prayer (Poem)
46 28/4/2015 A Soldier’s Prayer (Poem)
47 29/4/2015 A Blogger’s Prayer (Poem)
48 1/5/2015 May Day is today (Poem)
49 2/5/2015 A Dog’s Prayer (Poem)
50 2/5/2015 A TALE OF A BLOGGER

After all the world goes on the Law of Averages! On an average this ENVIUS THOUGHTS is getting around 30 views per post! Indeed satisfying, very satisfying. As at the moment total number of views of this blog is 1600!!!!!I very gratefully acknowledge the support to my blog through nvsr.wordpress.com shared with Face Book, Google and Twitter. On all Sundays I send a mail also to my kind and nice group who do not hesitate to visit the blog or get tired of my POSTS and MAILS. Yet on some days when the day’s views stands at a SINGLE DIGIT, a sort of Depression befalls when my journalist son encouraging me by quoting dozens of great and popular bloggers have also undergone such traumatic depressions and there is in fact no need to feel that way. After all we write to satisfy our thirst and those who read, read; and those who don’t, don’t! Everyone in the society has his/her own priorities. True one has to take these things in its stride and one need not be very sensitive about the number of views and the likes that provide small pleasures- “alpa santhosha”- a lesson that the “BLOG” has taught me in these last two months!
It is said ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. These words of wisdom reared its head to haunt me whenever the day’s views did not touch the DOUBLE DIGIT number!!!
But then, it struck me one day as to why I should not consult my dear friends on this aspect and the result was my 38th post on 22nd April titled “A DISTANT VOICE IS HEARD” which reads as

“No longer will there be daily post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
“That is great. Thanks. We are spared of strain” distant voice is heard!
For the writer may be great! For the reader may be not!
Friendship leads to read and respond; true, many also shared!
Yet, the initial enthusiasm bound to wane
New spices of taste need to be added to again wax!
Familiarity should not be allowed to lead to contempt
Oh! How Word press “Envius thoughts” cannot be an exempt!
Blog’s daily views going down, pulling down the average
To make them interesting and a healthy beverage-
Wednesday can well be a verse day to those who cherish
Sunday – a story day to read at leisure and nourish! “

(Each line has 12 syllables and the rhyme pattern followed is AB, AB, AA.BB)

I was delighted to learn that I can continue the daily posts till it is possible for me to do!!
Out of these FIFTY posts, it might have been observed that a series of PRAYERS numbering TWENTY THREE have been posted till this day and I am glad that they all have been well received.
Here is that “BLOGGER’S PRAYER”

Oh! My Lord, Omniscient-Omnipotent God!
In Thy million creations “blog” gets Thy nod!
Let me be a blogger and sure not a blaggard
Pen is mightier than sword not to go wayward!

Freedom of expression never to be misused
Blogger’s honest followers not to be mislead
I write what I want and know- none to edit sure
No censor; my blogging must be noble and pure!

Matters in millions; subjects are aplenty
Great knowledge and nice language are in my kitty
To be used with sense of responsibility
Goddess of knowledge! Bless me with ability!

Bless me with that control, – thoughts not to run riots
Thoughts meant to make noble, inspire and elevate
The society of which I am part and parcel
May my Blog bring peace, joy, food for thought a morsel!

(Each line has twelve syllables and follows rhyme pattern AA, BB, cc……..)
In one of my next Sunday stories, I shall share with you some of the interesting feed backs that ENVIUS THOUGHTS have received.

So much for the day. Thanks.

This is the TALE OF A BLOGGER!


4 thoughts on “TALE OF A BLOGGER

  1. sir, you are not an “alpa santhoshi.” you shall be a “Kalpa Santhoshi”. your happiness and joy shall be continuous, contageous and eternal.


  2. Sir, Thanks for making us to know the history of the birth of “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” There are a lot of blocks left for reading. I will read and respond whenever time permits me. I am happy to know that your joy reached no bounds when the views have crossed 1,00,000.

    With a strong will power in mind and intelligent display of your thoughts, the numbers of viewers will comfortably go well beyond your imagination.

    Thanking you Sir for making our reading interesting !

    G Vasudevan


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