Where do we go?

School kids on a Sunday in rural West Bengal. Photo by NS Ramnath
School kids on a Sunday in rural West Bengal. Photo by NS Ramnath

We know that the world is not a bed of roses! It can never be so; it is indeed naïve to look for!

We know that no part of the world is peaceful and prosperous, problem-free and progressing in proportion to its needs and deeds!

Looking at our own Bharath that is India – with a hoary past and hearty culture, healthy civilization and heavenly blessings, we are beset with problems created by the aggressive neighbors, determined Naxals, fanatic followers of different religions, all-pervasive monster of corruption, unethical politicians of different shades and hues, irresponsible citizens bereft of national pride and patriotism and a host of negative thoughts, words and deeds all over. Probably several Jesus Christs, Prophet Mohammeds, Krishnas and Mahatma Gandhis to cleanse the society and bring back the Dharma yuga!

I am very sure that I am not a pessimist-not at all! In fact I am an optimist of very high order. That does not mean that one can afford to be blind to the events and happenings around us and keep quiet without raising his vision, questioning the wrongs and exerting efforts on the self and others and effectively playing our roles for the betterment of the home and society in which he is.

Have a look at one’s experiences in the course of a week at the local level!

An officer of a great Organization promises to get back on a very small issue which he can attend to or afford to get the job done in no time never gets back at all!

A plumber who is supposed to attend to the complaints within a few hours-as he is very much paid for this on a monthly basis for the colony- promising to come within half-an-hour never visits the complainant!

A leading Organization- probably one of the tops in the country manufacturing the house hold appliances- having a vast network for manufacturing and servicing- fails to attend a minor complaint of an AMC customer for more than hundred hours-promising to come within half-an hour every time the complainant calls up!

A bank officer promising to clarify a point over phone after referring to the senior is yet to be heard even after a month!

Such experiences have become very common in the society today and the people will be having a long list of their woes!

Where do we go? What is going wrong with the people- lettered/unlettered/ blue colored/white colored/highly paid/ lowly paid/privately employed/corporate employed-people find no difference in the attributes of the individuals and ultimately people at the receiving end are the sufferers!?!?

The purpose of penning this article is not to lament over the current state of affairs in the society and leave it to the good sense of the service providers but to make at least the readers think and take steps to eradicate the evils in the society – to have an introspection and correct themselves/ correct the people at their homes/ work places and the society in their own way and that in the long/short run produce cumulative impact in the society.

What has gone wrong and where do we go?

Elders may lament over the degeneration in the societal values of life and devaluation of morals and ethics. The youngsters may feel that outmoded values such as promptness, punctuality, sensitivity, empathy, service mindedness, need to fulfil the commitment made treating it as sacrosanct, loyalty to the society and organization, devotion to the cause and dedication to duty etc. are difficult to practice in the fast moving world of today and hence needs a re- look and a different definition!

Basically it is true that the society has given a go-bye to the precious values of life for whatever reasons. Excuses can be given in dozens for not doing the things properly and reasons can be adduced in scores for doing things! Excuses never help and action is what is required to succeed.

Parents and teachers have a lot of things to do and sterling role to play in imparting the right values right from the childhood at home and school. They have to be role models to the youngsters to follow getting inspiration through observing their elders words and deeds.

There is no need for preaching the elders as it is very difficult to change them one way or the others.

Future of the society depends on the youngsters of today and all emphasis must be given to catching and grooming them young.

Moral education should be brought back in the curriculum from the primary level as in the days of yore and those hours should not be diverted for other subjects.

Very heavy responsibility rests on us if we are to build up a better tomorrow on sound moral and ethical mores.

Positive religious beliefs and practices also go a long way in moulding the youngsters to become more responsible and inject concern for others wellbeing.

Where do we go?

On the answer, depends the future!


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