My Lord! The Omnipotent and Omnipresent!
Among the million vocations here present
Mine is one-pawn broking! Helping those in dire need
I am deemed to be their savior-sure indeed!

I am portrayed often as heartless and ruthless
Charged of usurious interest from the helpless
My Lord! Thee knoweth our predicament and risks
Embarrassments we have; quite often-world kicks!

Bless me my God! To continue to be honest
And fair to my clients and society modest
I keep cash ready, pledged goods in safe custody
Ready to oblige at all times to the needy!

Unlimited are the needs of the society
In a limited way, play my role as duty
Bless my Lord! My kith and kin, the people around
Let me show love and affection to all abound!


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