I am indeed grateful to Thee my Lord! The Creator!
Gave me the birth in a nice family as a daughter.
Along with another sister and brother to live nice
All well educated and decently brought up in size!

With ancient wisdom and modern thoughts we are women
Taking care of kith and kin at par with other good men.
We owe it to the Society-mixer of good and bad
Bold enough we have been brought to be strong-never felt sad!

Responsibilities we share, duties we perform well
Take care of our parents and in-laws-all are quite special
Give us strength of mind and body to serve for long and well
I am blessed to be born as a dutiful daughter!

To be born as a girl in this world sure is not a sin
More loving, affectionate, dutiful and never thin
Bold and strong, wise and knowledgeable, religious sure
Pillar of home and society, bless to be assets pure!


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