Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord!
In Thy compassion created the people and the world!
And me as a son in a noble and large family
To take care of all the young and old, the sick and healthy!

Never felt it a burden nor difficult to manage,
Bounden duty it is –nay – a great pleasure to arrange
Well being of kith and kin, society in and around
With all love and regards, respect and affection abound!

For those who are blessed with children, old age homes are prisons
To put noble parents in homes is sure worst form of sins
Whether children are well off or ill off not a matter
Bless me not to commit that sin heinous now or later!

Sans parents beloved who I am, where I am, what am I?
Thanks to their toil and efforts, today I am what I am
Give enough strength of mind and body to take care of all
That is bound to make me and the society stand quite tall!


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