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Oh! My Lord, the Creator of this great and magnificent world
Grateful to Thee for making me the part of this society bold
I enter adulthood this day to be recognized as one nice
On this happy birth day, Lord! Bless me with all the best on earth twice!

Childish pranks leave, responsibilities as a citizen start
I shall vote in the nation’s elections responsibly and smart
I should think in terms of others and not me selfish any more
Life’s ups and downs, success and failure to be taken equal sure!

Almighty! Give me the power and strength to do my duty right
Helping ever, hurting never, loving all serving all and fight
Evils in the society, wrong doers and anti people – thugs
Sure to be eliminated with Thy grace, to the nobles’ hugs!

No more cake cutting and fun and frolic, should get more serious
No more time to stand and stare at nothing but to spend tedious
No matter taxing and tiresome, but all for the great future’s sake
I fall upon Thy feet, my God! I seek Thy blessings- don’t forsake!


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