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Photos by Sharadha NV

God creates, nature sustains, man ………………alas!?
Biodiversity day is today for the world to observe
Not for others but for our own welfare which well we deserve
Bless my Lord! Give me mind not to spoil but to protect and serve!

The Universe in which we live moves as a temple car around
Our duty it is to pull the chariot with respect abound!
Research made, theories presented, suggestions made aplenty
People to follow; take care of bio diversity till ninety!

Million creations of the Omnipotent, Omnipresent
Have a noble role to perform to supplement and complement
For the sake of welfare, peace and harmony of all beings
Duty and responsibility of all the living beings!

Ecology protection, avoiding pollution of all hues
Myriad means of protection of all creations our dues
We owe it to our existence and the Creator of the world
Fail not to pay the dues and take resolve this holy day a gold!


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