Inside Canada’s Parliament at Ottawa. Photo by Sharadha NV

Common wealth day is today, though observed on different days!
‘Empire Day’ earlier christened, known different nowadays!
Fifty four countries of the COMMON WEALTH, happy to observe
Great creation in the world, respected which they quite deserve!

Canada forerunner in grand celebrations with aplomb
Fun and frolic, plays and games, debates and discussions all through!
Holiday declared, enjoying a day of feast and festival
Grateful and happy people are they excelling in marvel!

Theme unique every year! “A YOUNG COMMONWEALTH” this year!
Dedicated to the well-being of youth is defined clear
Great health, happiness, peace, harmony, studies, research for all
Making the Common wealth youth, among the world nations quite tall!

We, a part of Common Wealth resolve and work for greater peace
Among the countries fifty four and scores of others with poise
Cooperation in science and technology, and culture
All to thrive and make the world a heaven with a great future!


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