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Every individual has his own thoughts, ideas, and methods of doing things, style of functioning and style of writing and speaking! At times it may look peculiar or unique, idiotic or intelligent, foolish or wise, quixotic or otherwise! But then, one goes on and on.

I shall give a brief account of the actions of a seventy –four year old person enjoying fairly reasonable health, peaceful retired life and financial support. He has developed certain habits which he tries to meticulously follow right from his boyish days.

While he was in service, he used to shave his face on the alternative days, but of late he has changed it to once in three days and the days will be the multiple of three every month-duly adjusted for the months with thirty one days- other than the days on which falls new moon or such other auspicious days when an act like shaving is barred in our tradition!

Going to hair-cut in these days is done only on the penultimate Sundays of all the odd months of the year!

It is his habit to take his morning walk between 4.00am and 5.00 am. Fortunately in his colony, there is a walking track measuring 271meters and laid with 6 tiles. He used to take 12 rounds and he walks each round in one tile and naturally he will be walking two rounds everyday on each tile in seriatim! He strongly believes in multiple operations – simultaneous operations- a nice strategy in time management-. He will be chanting prayers- 8 manthras- in these twelve rounds- 4 of them in two rounds and the other four each round!

To be of help to his home front, he also engages himself for the past couple of years in odd domestic chores like cutting the vegetables, drying the wet clothes, keeping in order the vessels cleaned by the servant maid etc.

Cutting the vegetables may demand about an hour and a half depending on the vegetable and he will choose the time in such a way that he cannot do anything more worthwhile than that job!

With no better work to do, he has adopted his computer as his refuge for the past nine months and spends about twelve hours a day with his companion!
He has also adopted his computer table for taking timely Tiffin, a small nap now and then in a sitting/reclining pasture(!!!???), attending to telephone calls and so many such odd jobs!!

While putting the wet clothes for drying in the three rows of rod outside the balcony, depending on the need for sun rays, thickness of the cloth etc, he has allotted the space for each of the approximate 20 pieces and on no account the space will be changed!

Similarly while arranging the kitchenware, he has allotted specific places for spoons, plates etc and on no account there will be any change in the arrangement!

He is a small time bilingual poet/writer and he has to his credit 36 books out of which 25 have been published and his articles and poems are regularly published in some part of the world or the other in an obscure manner and that gives him a very high satisfaction!

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Thanks to “wordpress” he started a blog for the past three months where he posts six poems Monday-Saturday and Sundays he posts a story. It consumes almost all his time, peculiarly, particularly watching the “Blog Statistics” almost every half an hour, getting elated as if he has been conferred the “Nobel Prize” as the views of his thoughts go on increasing minute by minute, hour by hour in a day and day by day in a week! Visitors and viewers are from more than 80- precisely 85- countries all over the world and his overall views have crossed 3000 in less than ninety days on about 75 posts!!!!

He feels as if his life’s ambition lies in this fulfilment!

What do you call this person?
Peculiar or unique
Idiotic or intelligent
Quixotic or otherwise
Foolish or wise?

Though in meaning ‘peculiar’ and ‘unique’ do not differ much, ‘peculiar’ has a ‘negative’ connotation whereas ‘unique’ smells a little ‘positive’!!!! as I feel.
Don’t change your opinion on learning who he is- he is none but the author of this write-up!

Thanks in millions for your patience.

God bless the readers and the author!


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