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In Thy great Creation, my Lord, all were neat and tidy,
All in tune, in proportion! Thee knew the rule pretty
All beings- humans, animals and vegetable
Playing roles complementary making world stable!

Alas! Failed to follow Thy dictates- we the humans
In our needs and greed, chose to destroy- quite inhuman!
Axing rocks and mountains, trees and shrubs all in our need
Polluting water and air, earth and sky in our greed!

Reasons may be aplenty- no justification
We control nothing, leading to annihilation
Animals and birds, worms and germs have a role to play
Sure they help nice bio diversity here to stay!

May this WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY make our eyes open
Not to hurt that environ, pollute not the ocean!
Air and water, forests and fields, rivers and oceans
All are sacred, to be protected with devotion!


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