Montreal  street art. Photo by Sharadha NV
Gossip Girls at Old Montreal. Photo by Sharadha NV

Man – woman included- rational animal they say
A social animal many, many dare and say-pay
Rich, good Compliments or poor contempt none can surely say
Funny world, My Lord, Thy great creation many wonder!

Gossiping many are addicted to is sure Thy play
A nice boon or nasty bane none is there surely to say
Many a time proves to be nothing but bane as they play
Havoc sure annoying the people around and the guy!

More often, gossip mongering turns scandal mongering
Dishonest indeed, speaking behind the back of a friend
Intention bad, method unethical, uncivilized
On the part of all those who indulge! Surely quite unkind!

As a pastime cutting jokes at the expense of others
In their presence or absence once, may be for fun feathers
Harming not the others reputation may be a boon
Either way to be resisted greater things are there to speak and do!


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