TALE OF A BLOGGER – Part II (100th Post)


A section of the society laments that the appetite and taste for reading literary works is fast dwindling in these fast food days among the people. People rarely get taste for reading anything other than their academic and professional needs and to some extent the News papers- and nothing beyond!

Broadly it seems to be the general observation of most of the people. Otherwise the Authors Guild of India would not have thought of engaging in a two day All India Conference on the theme “Changing Book Culture in the Society”!

While that is one scenario, on the other side, there is the exciting experience of a blogger who writes mostly on the literary themes- matters of common interest not excluded – and poems in English or his local language. The excitement was so much that he shared the same with his friends in the following words:

“Dear all,
By the grace of the Almighty, Omnipotent,
ENVIUS THOUGHTS through https://nvsr.wordpress.com
with 92 views from 24 countries today -09/06/15 at 18.00 hrs
has crossed FIVE THOUSAND VIEWS (5020) from 117 countries
on the 102nd day of the start of the blog on 28/2/15
with the 91st post this morning.
I thank all the viewers, blog photographers and all the viewers direct, through Face book, Google and Twitter.
I solicit your continued encouragement and support for ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
With love and regards.”

More than 5000 views from 120 countries from all over the globe!

If this is not a classic example of people’s love for reading, what else can be! What else can give greater pleasure to the writer than this encouragement?
I am overwhelmed with the feedback got from many, many of the viewers over phone and email- too many to reproduce in this write-up and hence I refrain.

You would have by now guessed who is that blogger- yes you are right –he is your good friend N V Subbaraman who is releasing his HUNDREDTH post today as his Sunday story on 14th June 2015- on the above topic! Today is the 107th day of my starting the blog- first post was on 28th February 2015.

Fiftieth post was on 3rd May 2015 on the topic “TALE OF A BLOGGER” and again second part of it today as the hundredth.

All praise goes to WORD PRESS the Forum under which I am making my posts. One will be surprised and delighted at the way in which the back end data is made available to the bloggers.

I happily share some of the very interesting data that are made available as for as ENVIUS THOUGHTS are concerned.

Envius Thoughts (WP.com)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.33.08 am



Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.35.44 am
Country Views for 7 June (which had the most number of views for a single day so far.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.39.43 am

Popular posts

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.41.49 am

This is just the position of views at that particular moment! The moment any single view is made in any part of the world, the position will change and the updated data provided!

Here is the summary of total views countrywise:
Country Views
India 2,395
Pakistan 786
United States 334
Myanmar (Burma) 181
Cambodia 145
Iraq 109
Canada 69
Tanzania 60
Egypt 55
Algeria 51
Philippines 49
Albania 47
Saudi Arabia 38
Nepal 36
Vietnam 35
United Kingdom 31
Jordan 22
Australia 22
Mongolia 22
Mexico 18
Bangladesh 18
Sudan 17
Syria 17
Afghanistan 17
Colombia 17
Libya 17
Sri Lanka 16
Morocco 16
Mauritania 16
Palestinian Territories 15
Ecuador 15
United Arab Emirates 15
Turkey 15
Oman 14
Brazil 14
Maldives 12
Singapore 12
Serbia 10
Sweden 10
Lebanon 10
Venezuela 10
Trinidad & Tobago 10
Suriname 9
Norway 9
Fiji 7
European Union 7
Macedonia 7
Bolivia 7
Antigua & Barbuda 7
Tunisia 6
Thailand 5
Guam 5
Georgia 5
Dominican Republic 5
Puerto Rico 5
Peru 5
Senegal 5
France 5
Ethiopia 5
Dominica 5
Azerbaijan 4
Jamaica 4
Barbados 4
Yemen 4
Moldova 4
Aruba 4
Brunei 3
Netherlands 3
Laos 3
Costa Rica 3
Bahrain 3
Uzbekistan 3
Curacao 3
Indonesia 3
Portugal 2
Uruguay 2
St. Lucia 2
Ireland 2
Nigeria 2
U.S. Virgin Islands 2
Macau SAR China 2
South Korea 2
Malaysia 2
Italy 2
Ukraine 2
Samoa 2
Belize 2
Argentina 2
Sint Maarten 2
China 2
Nicaragua 2
Russia 2
St. Vincent & Grenadines 2
Guinea 1
Bhutan 1
Zimbabwe 1
Poland 1
Chile 1
Uganda 1
Paraguay 1
Spain 1
Madagascar 1
Côte d’Ivoire 1
Kenya 1
Somalia 1
Liberia 1
French Polynesia 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Mauritius 1
Qatar 1
Djibouti 1
Belarus 1
Ghana 1
Comoros 1
El Salvador 1
South Africa 1
Timor-Leste 1
Armenia 1
Mali 1
Faroe Islands 1
British Virgin Islands 1
Kazakhstan 1

Before each country, its flag will be displayed. With every view in any country instantly, data will be updated!

In this way as at 10th June, 120 countries as above have viewed the ENVIUS THOUGHTS – may be 1 or 2, 10 or 20, 100 or 200!!! It matters little to me but the reach is so far, far and that gives strength and satisfaction.

Till this day total number of stories published is 15 and 14 poems in the name of days of international importance. Though many poems will have an element of prayer, 37 poems have been posted under specific Prayer Series.

Crossing of 1000 views.

1st thousand – 9/4/15 – 43 days
2nd thousand – 16/5/15 – 37 days
3rd thousand – 23/5/15 – 7 days
4th thousand – 1/6/15 – 9 days
5th thousand – 9/6/15 – 9 days

As on the 107th day on the eve of my publishing my HUNDREDTH POST total number of views is FIVE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX.from 122 countries!!!!

Statistical data-so much! Enough is enough! If you need more WORD PRESS is ready to provide!

As for the language is concerned, I am for simple language that should be understood and appreciated on the first reading without the help of a Dictionary or a language teacher! That according to me is a good language which I meticulously follow for long. But my wife used to tease me saying that my poems read like nursery rhymes!

Some of my materialistically inclined friends used to tease me by asking how much I get additional income with every THOUSAND views!!!!!?????
At this point of time I recollect a Manipuri poem that was given to me by All India Radio (Prasar Barathi) Chennai for translating into Tamil and rendering the same in the National Symposium of Poets, held on the night of January 25th, on the eve of Republic Day which I reproduce in English here along with my Tamil translation.


Dr.Priyabrata Singh, Manipur.

The Mother of my kids
She was revolting and thundering
She would never tell me why
And covering her forehead with her palms
She cursed God, poetry and her fate
For ever having married me, a poor fool!

She gave me no chance to answer her
Never was there a moment to say goodbye to her tears
And thus the greatest tragedy with me as a man was
I could never let her know I loved her.

I went to the masses high and low
And enquired if at all I was a fool
And all seemed to say one significant yes.

Yes, you are a sentimental fool because you love art
You’re hopelessly poor because you are a writer
You are utterly helpless because you are a poet
Poetry will never make money
And without money you will go mad
And there of course you are!

Towards the evening of my life
The eternal silence of my wife
Whispered to my ears alone;
“You are great, my dear!
Never say good bye to poetry!”

Am I a fool I asked the empty sky
The flowers were there saying No
The waters and the waves and the winds were saying not here
The rains and rivers and rainbows were singing Not even here
The blind and the beggars and the bonded shook head Never Never
And the wounded and dying birds sang not in vain.

Make your blood your ink
And our death your poem
To bind all that is human but shattered.

Once more when silence is eloquent
Poetry begins there and then!

மீண்டும் ஒருமுறை!
(தமிழில்) என் வி சுப்பராமன்
(மூலம்-மணிப்புரி மொழியில்) டாக்டர் எம் ப்ரியப்ராதா சிங், மணிப்பூர்

அவள் எனது குழந்தைகளின் அன்னை!
அவள் எதிர்க்கிறாள்;
இடி முழக்கம் செய்கிறாள்
காரணம் சொல்ல மறுக்கிறாள்
உள்ளங்கைகளால் தன்
நெற்றிக்குத் திரை இடுகிறாள்
இறைவனை, கவிதையை, தன் விதியைச் சபிக்கிறாள்
அறிவிலன் – என்னை மணந்ததிற்காக!

அவளுக்கு பதில் கொடுக்க
வாய்ப்புத் தரவில்லை
அவளது கண்ணீருக்கு விடைகொடுக்க,
நொடிப் பொழுதும் கிடைக்கவில்லை;
அவலம் படைத்த நான் அவளிடம்
ஒரு மனிதனாக
”அவளை விரும்புகிறேன்” என்று
அறியச் செய்யவும் முடியவில்லை!

உயர்ந்தோர் தாழ்ந்தோர்
அனைவரிடம் சென்றேன்
”அறிவிலியா என அறிவதற்காக”
அனைவரும் சொன்னது “ஆம்” என்ற சொல்லே!

ஆம்; நீ
கலைதனைக் காதலிக்கும் உணர்ச்சி அறிவிலி
எழுத்தாளன் என்பதால் என்றும் வறியவன்!
கவிஞன் ஆனதால் ஆதரவற்றவன்!
கவிதை என்றும் பணம் தருவதில்லை
பணமற்று நீ பயித்தியமாவாய்!
அப்படியே இருப்பாய் நிரந்தரமாக!

எனது வாழ்வின் இறுதியில்
எனது மனைவியின் மீளாத மெளனம்
காதொடு காதாய் ரகசியம் சொன்னது
”அன்பே! நீ உயர்ந்தவன்!
கவிதையை என்றும் கைவிட்டு விடாதே”!

நிர்மலமான வானைக் கேட்டேன்:
நான் ஒரு அறிவிலியா?
மலர்கள் சொல்லின ”இல்லை”யென;
நீரும் அலையும், காற்றும்
சொல்லின “இங்கே இல்லை”யென.
மழையும் நதிகளும், வான வில்லும்
சொல்லின “”இங்கும் இல்லை”யென;
குருடர்களும், பிச்சைக்காரர்களும்,
கொத்தடிமைகளும் தலை அசைத்தனர்
“எப்பொழுதும் இல்லை, எப்பொழுதும் இல்லை”யென.
காயப்பட்டு இறக்கும் புட்கள் யாவும்
கீதம் இசைப்பது பயனற்று இல்லை!

நமது குருதியை மையாக்குங்கள்
நமது இறப்பைக் கவிதையாக்குங்கள்
மனிதத்தை பிணைத்துவையுங்கள்!

மீண்டும் ஒருமுறை
மெளனம் கீதம் இசைக்கும்பொழுது
அங்கே, அப்பொழுது
உருவாகிறது ஒரு கவிதை!

Yes; my wife who was a great source of strength for more than forty four years in all aspects of my life, encouraged always my literary pursuits; but God had HIS OWN inscrutable ways of doing things, designing our life and today is the 299th day since God snatched her away from me and my family on that fateful Wednesday, the 20th August, 2014 and I daily hear her:

“The eternal silence of my wife
Whispering to my ears alone;
“You are great, my dear!
Never say good bye to poetry!”

YES; I GO ON WITH MY “poetry” ON ALL THE SIX DAYS OF THE WEEK-Monday to Saturday- and “SUNDAY STORY” in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS through https://nvsr.wordpress.com and I take more than 5000 views in these 107 days as her words obeyed and your approval received.
Thanks in millions!
Kindly continue your encouragement and inspiring support.


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