File:Fallen tree.jpg

Beloved nature blind at times
Makes a tree motionless on summer days
Uproots the same lifeless on windy night
Driving me desolate on the loss of my mate!

Beautiful tree it was providing delight
Spreading fragrance all through its life
Bringing breeze to be shared by many
Giving shades for the kids to play!

Fifteen pretty years in my garden
Soft flowers in white and crimson
Closed its leaves in the nights as eye lids
Bloomed in the morn as a new born babe!

On that fateful night of a deadly thursday
Gale of two minutes snatched its life away
The giant lay on earth like a headless soldier
Man was not its foe till its end- thank God!
How sad in a couple of days
All its limbs cut to pieces
For some one to use the way he likes
May be fuel to turn into ashes
Kind friend of environs and man
GONE WITH THE WIND you can’t scan
To bring to life another of its age and size
None can help with all his prize!

Each one plant one, nurse to an age
As an environ-eco friendly sage!


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