All aspects in the world, My Lord, a part of Thy Creation great!
‘Autism’ not to be abhorred, it is a creation not a threat!
Potential innate in all, ‘autism’ true not an exemption
It has a pride-hence “AUTISTIC PRIDE DAY” is not a presumption!

Year after year the day is observed every June with a theme
“Acceptance – not cure” was one year, yet another year had a scheme
To “Celebrate Neurodiversity”!-“Autistics speak, It’s Time
To Listen” was yet another year’s! “Perspectives not fear’ next time!

Born as people on earth, individuals quite unique they are
Not to be seen as patients to be cured on treatment but at par
With you and me, and have their unique set of characteristics
Recognize their merits, inject that pride, make them feel majestic!

‘Autistic pride’ asserts that autism gives rewards and challenges
Difficulties that they experience are just social issues
They need no sympathy but empathy that makes them feel equal
Society to accept the fact and hence this AUTISTIC PRIDE DAY!


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