International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

‘Do not fall a prey to drugs’, dosage not a matter, low or high
Never they give strength or stimulant, illusions take to the sky!
Pity the youngsters become victims, elders unable to stop
The society goes quite rotten, United Nations cry atop!

Two hundred million take to drugs and two lakhs die a year,
Twenty five millions addicted to drugs, My Lord, non sense sheer
Health hazards Himalayan, seeming pleasure just an illusion
Youth, the pillars of the future world, swayed by the peddlers’ mission!

Illicit trafficking and kings worst crime and criminals in world
To be dealt with merciless, generations think not of the word
Evil effects on the mind and body at this age quite aweful
To the kith and kin to see the hopeless victims suffer painful!

This is a day unique to take a stand against all through the globe
Right thinking and the responsible to go on offensive probe
Parents and teachers, homes and schools have in fact heavy role to play
To stop the menace of the worst order and to sustain its sway!


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