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‘Vasudeivakutumbakam’- the whole world is one family
Great Indian philosophy! Sure to be practiced happily!
Yet fact is we have countries in hundreds and hundreds all the world
Different cultures, languages, people made of different mould!

“Dominion Day” till early eighty and now “CANADA DAY”
A great country it is of all cultures and people have their way!
Absorption and assimilation yet giving freedom to all
Who have come and settled as “permanent residents” make them tall!

Education great, entertainment nice, health care wonderful sure
Climate though extreme, people enjoy and landscape beautiful pure!
No hatred -malaise, no violence- terrorism quite sober
Churches and mosques, temples and Gurdwaras all over –secular!

Fun and frolic, joy and happiness, live bands and fireworks quite great
Sports and dances, prayers and festivities mark the day a treat!
Picnics and excursions, people in Canada enjoy plenty
All from the globe, we wish them a happy Canada Day gently!


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