Seventh Land of High Heaven

Photo by Sharadha NV
Photo by Sharadha NV

In this Hall of Heaven- my world
Known as the Seventh Land of High Heaven
Where this size of population mould
Is never more than million seven!

No religion, no caste, no creed
All swear by religion of love sans greed
No clash on lingua nor on methods
All speak in language of love sans rods!

Society knows no money transaction
All live their lives with high satisfaction
No wages paid – services freely rendered
No money needed – things freshly supplied!

No cinema house nor T V set to entertain
Sure all homes have computers to educate and entertain
All disciplines of study freely provided
Abundance of knowledge admirably decided
Teachers and taught go together with respect
None taught but made to learn in all perspect!

No Doctor, no medicines, no hospitals

None for sure ever fall sick to avail
No police, no crimes, no courts
None for sure go astray never for a while!
None wastes time, none gossips, none in pains
Every one works, every one busy all in gains!

When seventh million crosses
Men and women crossing seventy
Leave their mortal coils and passes
From this land of Heavens for parity!
No jealousy, no fear, no dishonesty
Help us live in peace and amity
In this Hall of Heaven – my world

Nature’s beauty fully enjoyed
Nature’s bounty happily availed
Nature’s health totally protected
Nature’s grace fondly showered
In this Hall of Heaven – my world


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