Our children, our responsibilty

Brain is the most important organ of the body that controls the thought, memory and feeling. It consists of soft grey matter inside the head. Human beings are bestowed with six senses and the animal beings have only five and that makes the man as the roof and crown of all creations.

It is quite interesting to know the various studies that have been made at different levels all over the world have brought out a lot of interesting and amazing aspects of brain development in children.

A new born baby’s brain grows almost three times in course of first year.

It is estimated that a baby loses about fifty percent of its nerve cells before it is born.

Children as young as four days can distinguish the vowel sounds of the language in their natural environment. One would be amazed to know that usually children watch nightmares! The usual age group is three and it continues up to 8.

Kids up to the age of three and four never dream about themselves!

By age 4 the brain grows to its full size.

By age 5 the brain gains almost its full weight.

Childhood years are the best time to develop strong math, logic and musical skills.

During the childhood years the brain can rewire itself to make up for many defects and injury.

Babies start dreaming even before they are born!

Human brain stops growing at the age of 18.

A study showed that when mothers frequently spoke to their infants, their children learned about 300 more words by age two than did children whose mothers rarely spoke to them.

A child’s ability to learn can increase or decrease by 25% or more, depending on whether he or she grows up in a stimulating environment.

IQ has been shown to increase with more schooling, better-educated parents and better toys.

Reading aloud to children helps stimulates brain development; yet only 50% of infants and toddlers are routinely read to by their parents.

From the above, we can see that the parents have a big and significant role to play in the brain development of their wards. Tomorrow’s world depends on today’s children and hence the parents, the government, social service organizations and all those concerned with the future of the world should work in unison to bring up the children with strong brain power and wisdom.


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