What a wretched life I lead
All believe happy life I lead
Me alone know how I bleed!
I always sow the noble seeds
Many a time they do not sprout
Make the field of world a barren ground!
Not a hypocrite I am but often like I behave
Not a cheat I am but often like I behave
Not a fool I am but often act foolish
Not a rogue I am but often act roguish
I’m not what I appear outside
Sure I bleed at what am I real inside!
My mind is filled with dust and rust
Help me cleanse this lust and pest
With all that are right and best
Let my wretched life be one of pure love and light!

Free me from the clutches of greed
Drape my action with noble creed!
Transform my life into a transparent one
That will blend my in and out into only one!

My dear literary lovers from 157 countries!
I am happy to share with you that all of you together have viewed this “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” whose number has crossed EIGHT THOUSAND as at 16.45 hours on Monday the 13th July. Total number of posts 133 posts commencing on 28/2/15.
I wholeheartedly thank you for your support to the blog and solicit your continued support and encouragement.
N V Subbaraman


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