Lion King

God’s creations are wonderful; without a specific purpose never HE creates anything in the world! Every creation – big or small, animal or human, plant or trees, fruits or flowers, shrubs or creepers everything has a purpose and meaning which an ordinary mind is unable to comprehend! Universe is vast and has several worlds in its vastness.

Lord Almighty’s great creation, gives the humans and animals great inspiration by its look, size, color, activity and what not. Human beings are inspired

As a human being I am also inspired by all on earth which I would like to share with my great friends from 157 countries which they have expressed through reading my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com more than 8400 views! For what it is worth, here it is this Sunday story!
Birds and animals, plants and trees – all inspire great with all ease!

Here is a list of A to Z inspiration!

I am inspired by that
Ant🐜- by its discipline
Bee🐝- by its briskness
Crow- by its punctuality
Deer- by its beauty
Elephant🐘- by its strength
Fox- by its scheming head
Giraffe – to go tall in thoughts
Horse🐎- by its fastness
Iguana-by its firm grip
Jackal- by its strategic mind
Kangaroo- by its care and concern
Lion- by its strength and courage
Monkey🐒- by its hops and jumps
Nightingale- by its melody
Ox🐂 -by its strength and patience
Parrot by its beauty
Quail by its small but majestic look
Rabbit🐇 by its speed and beauty
Spider for its tenacity of purpose
Tiger🐅 for its strength
Vulture by its glaring eyes
Whale🐋 by its very structure and strength
Yak by its hair
Zebra by its parallel lines and speed.

Law of nature is that once some one gets something from the other that one has to give something in return. When I get A TO Z inspiration from the above, right thing for me is to give something in return. What do I give?.

There should be no need for SPCA- Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals. Why should I inflict cruelty on the yet another creation by God who has created me as well. I cause cruelty to only those birds/ animals who are weaker than me!!!! I shudder to think of going near, or even seeing the stronger ones like LION or even MONKEY, not to talk of ELEPHANT and TIGER!!!!

Here and now I should resolve not to do any harm to the animal world. When I see a line of ants going on its way carrying its food not giving any disturbance to me, I simply crush them into nothing with my hands or foot. How cruel it is??
When I see a cock roach in the corner of my bath room, next minute I kill it. At times it is more intelligent and faster that it disappears as I try to crush it and I feel disappointed!

Funny world is this indeed!

Let us be kind to the world of animal beings and show compassion at-least a little, if not as much as the Creator shows to the human beings.


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