AT LIC Zonal Training Centre recently.

Thanks to the overwhelming encouragement being extended by my goodhearted, literary loving friends from 160 countries in the world which is evident from the ever increasing views and the average daily views gradually on the rise, I am enthused to write and express my views through ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com and this is my HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH post since my first on 28th February 2015. I whole heartedly thank the viewers and WORDPRESS for having given me this wonderful platform. I should admit that I am becoming an addict to my writing!

How does that addiction impact my mind? Immediately after my daily morning walk is over around 4.45 hrs. my day’s work starts with my blog work. Straight opening my system, I look at the statistics page to find out where the midnight ended and make a note of the previous day’s VIEW SCORE for the day and overall and in the next five hours up to 5.00hrs. where do they stand and I record the same in a register being maintained for the purpose!!!!?????

Then posting the day’s thought which is kept ready in the computer thanks to g mail by my journalist son in Bangalore duly presenting my thought with an appropriate photo which adds color and weight to the content of the ENVIUS THOUGHTS. Most of the photos used, the readers would have observed are from N S Ramnath/ N V Sharada- my son and daughter – in –law. One was from another d-in-l.!

I add the category/ies, tag/s and publish it. I share the same through Face book, Google and Twitter!

Next day’s thought to be sent to my son for his making it ready for the next morning’s post!

Thereafter every hour or at times more frequently I look at the views-day’s and overall and record!!!!!!! One of the days I prepare my Sunday story as it comes to my mind. In the six poems being published during Monday to Saturday, I have to write the one that is suitable for the special / important days being observed at the national/international level. That is the addiction!

With the people normally I converse either in person or phone or Face book –the talk never comes to an end without making a reference to ENVIUS THOUGHTS directly or obliquely!!!!???

On special postings and on Sundays I send a communication to the known email ids I have with me in my WORD PRESS group about the posts and solicit their continued support through their views, not bothering about whether such communication annoys them or otherwise!

One of the recipients some time back requested me to remove his mail id from the list!!! And I immediately acted on the request!

At home, writing Envius Thoughts

Every time the views cross a thousand, I take pride in communicating the same to my viewers through all possible means and I feel as if a Nobel Prize has been conferred on me! What a childish response?

I do wonder many a time that how just sitting in my 12X10 computer room with a dhoti and banian on, – casually and freely worn at home – and keying in as my mind dictates, the ENVIUS THOUGHTS reach 160 countries and instantly I thank the God Almighty for HIS grace and the viewers for their patience and love.

In fact one of my friends who was talking to me over phone on the other day was telling in a lighter vein that, he has also become an addict in a way and no day passes without referring to my blog and reading the ENVIUS THOUGHT of the day at the particular hour!
This is being written at a time when the total views will be reaching a FIVE DIGIT FIGURE in the course of a fortnight, having crossed 9000 on 24th!

So far India stands at the top of the viewers list followed by Pakistan and United States. That is quite natural.

Break up of No. of views and No. of countries:
More than 1000 – 002
Between 100 and 999 – 009
Between 50 and 99 – 008
Between 01 and 50 – 141
Total no. of countries 160

A few lessons the blogging experience has taught me at this age of 75.

Follow the principles enunciated in the holy book BHAGWAT GITA. “Action is thy duty and fruit is not thy concern”. Very difficult to follow! Yet I am making honest attempts.

Cultivation of “equanimity” is a road to peace and poise. Yes; good and bad, joy and sorrow, success and failure, good health and sickness, elation and depression – ‘dhvandvaas’ – pairs of opposites are a part of man’s life. None can be free from. Yet, as an addict to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS and the ‘view score’- as already pointed out every hour I see and record! One day the score will go beyond 100 and I jump with joy and another day it does not touch half of it and I feel depressed!? Why should I? Everyone has got his own priorities and so much of better work to do and may be feeling a lot of pressure on their time. One should realize and empathize and accept the realities of life. That done where is the need for jumping with joy or feeling depressed? Gradually I am cultivating that art and science of “EQUANIMITY”.

Whatever be the hurdles, carry on with your attempts to take your views to those who are willing to listen.

When an opportunity is thrown open to communicate, lose not and go ahead- physical and mental strain notwithstanding.

At this age and stage of my life, yet to come out of the agony of losing my wife 350 days ago, most comforting factor at the moment is my ENVIUS THOUGHTS!

Thanks in millions friends. Kindly continue to read and support “ENVIUS THOUGHTS”.

Bye for the day!


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