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Lord Almighty! Thee created the world to be at peace and poise
To live in harmony with nature and living beings sans noise!
Alas! A need has come to awaken the conscience of the man
Who in his selfishness puts lovely nature in a frying pan!

The worst massacre of nature is seen here and there everywhere
Pollution to the extreme-water, air, soil leading us nowhere
Nature unable to stand raises in revolt-humans suffer
Rightly for all the sins against Mother Nature none can differ!

Conservation of Nature urgent need of the hour for us all
To make the world understand and act to again stand tall sans fall!
Issues too many-human overpopulation, hydrology,
Intensive farming, land use and abuse, nuclear psychology!

Effects intolerable- global warming, habitat destruction,
Asthma, birth defect- leukemia and visual pollution
Scores of others; if the world fails at conservation of nature
We are assured of the doom of the world- surely with no future!


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