What a wretched life I have
Others believe happy life I lead
What a deceitful life I have
Others believe honest life I lead!
I alone know how I bleed
And to God how and what I plead!
Ghost in me sow the rotten seed
God in one commands noble deed!
Rotten seed cannot bring lovely duckweed
Rotten mind cannot inspire noble deed

Not a hypocrite I am, but often like I behave
Nor a cheat I am but often like I do
Not a fool I’m but often act foolish
Nor a rogue I’m, but mind goes roguish
Neither age has brought wisdom in me
Nor my experience instilled humility in me
I am not what I appear to be
Sure I feel bad at what you can not see!

My mind is full of dust and lust
Help me cleanse that rust and pest
With all that are right and best


To turn my wretched life to that of love and light
Free me from the clutches of deceit and greed
Drape my actions in nobility that I badly need!


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