The holy day that is dedicated to all our Masters great
Who gave us knowledge and wisdom, vision and mission in a plate!
Sans the great souls, where are we; surely none can demonstrate
We remember them with great reverence and pay our obeisance!

Full moon day of July-August is the day observed with significance
In memory of the great Sage Maharishi Veda Vyasa
Who gave Mahabaratha and Vedas four to this holy land!
On this day we offer puja to spiritual Masters grand!

Knowledge makes us great and tall and to be acquired very fast
No age is small or big, no time is auspicious or otherwise
Learning needs no age or health only the mind, grant me My Lord!
Let me learn from books and experience, listening well my God!

“Google” seems to be great Guru- knowing and sharing everything
Practically from alpha to omega-exempted nothing!
Sitting quiet at home, keeping computer my refuge in front
All knowledge I get and thank the Creator with all intent!

(This day is one of the most auspicious days in the Indian calendar falling on the Full Moon Day of July-August- Tamil month AADI and in Sanskrit “KATAKA”.)



  1. Sir,
    You have written very nicely about GURU PURNIMA DAY.
    I particularly liked the way you referred “GOOGLE seems to be a great GURU”.
    I heard a lot about you. Just started going through your blogs from today.


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