Most shocking news of the year 2015 is the passing away of one of the greatest of the Indian Presidents Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
Born in a humble beginning in a remote village in Tamilnadu, educated in a Government School, ST. Joseph’s College, Tiruchy and Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai, becoming a famous Space Scientist, a missile man, becoming the First Citizen of the great country, occupying the hearts and souls of millions and millions of people all over the world even after demitting office – all by absolute simplicity, virtual dedication, determination and hard work is something remarkable and God given!
Tons of tributes have been paid after his death, processions taken in thousands, scores of candle light prayers held all over in the educational institutions-big and small-, pages and pages of advertisements appeared in all the news papers and magazines, hours and hours of telecasting and broad casting!
Thousands of poems in all available languages composed, thousands and thousands of lines of prose eulogized the great and towering yet a simple and humble, noble and versatile personality to the core!
All reflect the abundant love and respect, affection and regards, esteem and appreciation the people in millions have for that great Institution called Dr. Abdul Kalam; a glorious era has come to an end!


What next! After the funeral is over- visited by the high dignitaries of the land leaving the place, a Mani Mantapam constructed, Aurangazeb Marg to be changed as Dr. Abdul kalam Road (?), naming some of the Universities and educational institutions after Dr.Kalam and then forget about him after some time! This shall also pass!
A Strange Paradox of Life indeed!


Let us have a look at the post –death scenario.
Here is a noble soul who has been telling time and again, expressing his wish and desire at all possible occasions that ON HIS DEATH, NO HOLIDAY SHOULD BE DECLARED and the PEOPLE TO WHICHEVER AVOCATION THEY ARE ENGAGED IN SHOULD WORK AN HOUR MORE as a sign of respect!

Look at the way how truthfully and sincerely we respect the sentiments of a dead soul!
The Government declares a holiday to mourn his death under Negotiable Instruments Act for a day-that means no central or State Government office will function-no Banks – no Insurance companies, no Government offices! To outdo the Government, private business houses including hotels and restaurants, vegetable and provision shops, petrol bunks declare a day off or a major portion of the day off!!!!????
To what an amount of inconvenience the poor public is put into! Some road side eateries sell food items stealthily to the thousands of bachelors –real and forced- to sustain themselves. It is not hard to believe that if any are found open, the stick wielding anti social elements – thugs- will throw stones and make them draw their shutters down!!

On announcement of a holiday under the NI Act, a public sector bank employee was heard saying “hai! It is a jolly day! I can happily spend a day with my children!”
My friends who play Shuttle badminton in the ground adjacent to my flat as usual played in this day also!
School children enjoying their day out were engaged in playing in groups on the roads and ground their favorite cricket, foot ball, kabadi, shuttle badminton to their hearts’ content!
Yes; THIRTIETH JULY was the funeral day of DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM for which the Government so generously declared a public holiday under NI Act against the oft repeated desire of the dead!!
Small street vendors of milk and vegetables who earn their daily food from their trade would have cursed Dr.Kalam’s death.

WHAT A STRANGE PARADOX in this society!

On the other side a humble tea shop worker, is on duty on the funeral day as a respect to the sentiments of the great and noble soul in Nagercoil, southern tip of Tamilnadu! (From Facebook)


One of the leading English news papers carried the following letter from a reader in Kannur in their column:
I still I still remember the occasion when, Mr.Kalam replied to my mail which I had sent to his office. I had asked him to advise me on the contributions I could make to society as a student. I didn’t think he would reply but I was proved wrong. His letter said: “The most important contribution would be to excel in your studies.”


There may be thousands of such recollections in the society. But I, as N. V. Subbaraman, was not fortunate enough to get such a great response twice. Once in December 2001, I sought from the President of India, a word of blessing for the first anniversary issue of my poetic journal “YOUNG POET” which provided platform only to the young poets, by definition less than 25 years of age, which I launched in December 2000 as a “Millennium gift to the young poets”. The young poets were not lucky enough.

In February 2015 after his most memorable visit to Madurai musicians residence on 13th February to listen directly the Tamil version of Thiruvaiyaru Thyaga brahmam’s pancha rathna keerthanas translated by me from Telugu, a number of mails were received from far and wide to my write up “A GREAT DAY WITH DR.ABDUL KALAM” in this blog paying great tributes and appreciation for Dr.Kalam’s interest in our culture and music and admiring his simplicity etc. which I faithfully compiled and sent by mail and solicited his blessings for which I could not get any acknowledgement from him. This is not at all a reflection on his world known humanism and kindness, love and regards for the people – I attribute these two experiences only to my ILL LUCK.


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A legend is gone from us. Anyone who is born on earth, however great and mighty one is, death is inevitable and permanent. Here is ENVIUS THOUGHT on DEATH:

Oh! God of Death! Lord Yama- thee alone permanent
In this world and earth- eternally impermanent!
Health is lost but sure one day with medicines retrieved
Wealth is lost but sure one day with efforts is retrieved
Name is lost but sure one day with honesty retrieved
Fame is lost but sure one day with good conduct retrieved
House is lost but sure one day with a new one retrieved
Job is lost but sure one day with someone else retrieved!
Alas! When the God of death takes one away from earth
Permanently gone not to be retrieved till next birth!
Sure not in the same form and name, house and roof
Oh! God of Death! Lord Yama-thee alone permanent
In this world and earth- eternally impermanent
Mourn not death, may be the dead had relief permanent!

What is this DREADED DEATH-
Knows no distinction
Young or old, poor or rich
Either sex, healthy or sick
Virtuous or vicious, dunce or diligent
Unlettered or highly literate
Dedicated Mahatma or despicable bandit
Social worker or menace to the society
All are same in the grip of death!

Death at times brings relief
Most of the times nothing but grief!

In one’s life time
That he lives is not a matter
How he lives is all that matters!

Man’s greatness is not in being
Sure one agrees that in doing!

Death can remove the physical self
Sure not his words and deeds
That indeed make him live for age!
. Birth is alike getting out of sleep
Death is akin to getting into sleep
Fear not death, but boldly face!

Alive are Dead; Dead are alive
All in the manner we live
And how we serve the society with love
To live in peace and amity, joy and cheers!


Yes; as Shri Arun Tiwari, a close associate of Dr. Kalam for the last 33 years who has coauthored five books- Transcendence, Wings of Fire, Guiding Souls, You are born to blossom, Squaring the Circle-Seven steps, has disclosed Dr.Kalam sensed his end was near. Probably his words on the page 50 of the first book referred above released on 29th June points out his premonition:
“Now finally Pramukh Swamiji has put me in a God synchronous orbit. No maneuvers are required any more, as I am placed in my final position in eternity”. (Courtesy The Hindu dated 29th July.)


Yes; though Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is dead physically, he continues to be with us alive to bless and guide!


2 thoughts on “A STRANGE PARADOX

  1. What a strange leader ! Holiday was declared as against his will ! I am not thinking about your two ill-lucks, but I am proud that you have 1,00,000 followers as of now. I hope the numbers will grow at a greater speed. Your thought on DEATH brings confidence in us . Very nicely I have through the entire article and thanking you sir for a well-read article.


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