Glorious India – Rear View (Read the first part here)


Glorious India – Future view:

Long before anybody imagined that he will one day become one of the great presidents of this largest democracy in this world, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wrote his VISION 2020! Thank God, it has been adopted by the well meaning people as magna-carta and that vision may even be realized much sooner than later. The Government leaving its parochialism, should be earnest in ushering in a new era to make India glorious. Government alone at times can not bring in the required changes in the society. All round cooperation is a sine-qua-non.

Some urgent steps are called for to arrest the degeneration of the society, devaluation of personal norms of behavior and conduct and de-monetization of respect for rules, regulations and laws

Intellectuals should not alienate themselves from public service including party politics.
Youth energy must be canalized for constructive purposes – bounden duty of the parents / teachers / social service organizations / Government.
Craze (is it madness?) for reservation must go. Merit should be rewarded and recognized.
Vote bank politics must yield place to value based politics.
Secularism must be preached and practiced in letter and spirit.
Moral / spiritual education must be provided right from the childhood
Declaration of “emergency “right or wrong – needed or not – will remain a debating point for ever. But none can deny that the discipline among the working class / bureaucracy at every level brought in a world of good to the society at large.
Corruption at any level must be dealt with strongly which needs enormous moral and will power among the people who count.

Yes! One would wonder whether the above can be brought into reality or it will remain a distant dream! People were skeptic before the country got independence; people were in doubt whether democracy is suitable for this country and will sustain. The progress the country has witnessed since independence is there for all to see. During the time of nationalization of insurance or banking “Doubting Thomases” were apprehensive about its efficacy. They were silenced by the remarkable performances of these industries. People were again apprehensive about the liberalization / opening of certain industries including Banking. Now the society has experienced that there is no cause for regret what so ever. “Where there is a will, there is a way “is not a set of hollow words!

Let every one of the citizens of this great country realize his responsibility towards self, home, the society and the Nation and act with conscience and without fear or favor. GLORIOUS INDIA is well within our reach!
By closing our eyes
World does not become dark
By running away
Problems do not cease to exist
By refusing to change
Changing world can not be stopped
By laying the foundation stone
Projects can not be completed
By day dreaming alone
One’s goal can not be reached
By wishful thinking alone
One’s objectives can not be achieved
Sure success is wrought
Through our efforts and His grace!
Realize reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and ease!

“Aa no badrah, yathavahkranthu viswathah”
Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.
“Lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu”
Let the whole world be at peace and prosper
“Vasudaiva kutumbakam”
The whole world is one family
Noble thoughts and noble culture
Fell into the hands of ugly vulture
False values none should nurture
Lest the society will be in torture!
Liberation tigers
Brahmin Welfare Association
Kshatriya Welfare Association
Christian Welfare Association
Gujarathi Welfare Association
SC ST Welfare Association!

Where and Who to found
Bring all the people round
Sure children of God abound!
Caste and creed
Sect and all
Sure not of God!

Temple and Mosque
Church and all
Halls of prayer
Harmony sprayer!

One Nation, one country
One people, one gentry
One world, one family
Should not be a distant dream
But a distinct reality!

And there we see a great India, a glorious India, a prosperous India, a fully developed India!


(This Sunday’s write up on ENVIUS THOUGHTS is a mile stone post-175th post! Total  views crossed ELEVEN THOUSAND from 171 COUNTRIES! Thanks for the support of the viewers. Kindly continue.)


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