BAD POETRY DAY (18thAugust)

“Poetry is the language of the soul” they say, very nice
Language of the soul cannot be called bad- not a spice
It is all in the ears of the listener and may be,
In the eyes of the reader – his taste may see!

Content or form what can make the poetry bad
A day devoted for “Bad Poetry Day”, today sad
Let us face- not everyone is the writer best
Lyricist or poet good or bad all put to test!

Keats is Keats, Keats poems are Keats poems
Shelley is Shelley, Shelley’s poems are Shelly’s poems
Shakespeare’s sonnets are Shakespearean sonnets
Kamala doss is kamaladoss, Izakiel is Izakiel!

Be yourself as a poet, pen your thoughts- nice and noble
Read for yourself- “poetry is the language of the soul”- stable!
Others feel like reading, give them a read and enjoy
Message through poetry more than the form – greater joy!


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