Indian mythology has myriad tales for the world
All with noble message and great meaning for sure worth the gold
In God’s wonderful creation, humans and animals, birds
And wipers in plenty to be cared well by all in the world!

Of all the creations, “naga”- serpent or snake is unique quite
Hindus all over deem ‘naga’ as “naga dhevatha” bright
And specially worship this day “Nag panchami day”- day fifth
Of bright half of lunar month of shravan-July August strict!

Hindus all over offer worship to the Nag Dhevtha
For the welfare of all and brothers in particular
By sisters, feeding serpents with milk and fruits rice and rice cakes
Great practice to take care of the members of animals world!

Activists are sore that forced feeding causes harm to snakes
Kind hearted devotees to take care not to put the voiceless
In feeding the wipers on this day sacred and holy- known
God will bless sure thousand times more for the gesture shown!


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