A precious gem is gone, gone forever to Heaven
Rare to get a gem so valuable in my lives seven.
It was this day exactly a year ago she left
Left to be at peace free from miseries handled deft!

Nice she was to each and all for years sixty seven
Rightly she would have secured her place in heaven
Leaving me and others here in eternal sorrow
Grace and love, devotion and dedication I can’t borrow!

Life partner to me, mother to my boys, dear sister
To her brothers, aunty to all, ever a winner
Madam to many, honey to all and harsh to none
“Auny” to our nice darling Diya at her age one!

Death to a human being inevitable of course
To suffer hell and die to reach heaven-cruel on course
God- the compassionate great should have spared her of pains
For all her piety and nobility that gave us gains!


The moving finger writes and having writ moves on. Yes, that moving finger of my life wrote and having writ moved on- my beloved better half was snatched away by that moving finger in the form of cruel hands of death and destiny exactly a year ago. That fateful day was Wednesday, the 20th August 2014. Today is 20/8/2015. What all I could at that time was to put in my outpourings in the form of a write up “END OF AN ERA”. If any of my viewers are interested to read I can send personally by email. Please let me know your mail id .

Here is my tribute to her.


4 thoughts on “A PRECIOUS GEM IS GONE! (20/8)

  1. i share your grief and feelings. exactly one year has passed. how quick. your memory should pacify your feelings. muster courage in her rememberance. RVC


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