Photo by G.Srivalli. N V Subbaraman seeks refuge in his computer.

Courage, joy and peace gone to pieces
Since August last, timeless time teases!
Queen of my home gone, gone for ever
With her gone all, will return never!
I have to live, live till the call comes
When? None can say nor can any guess! (6)

Nature created time in plenty
God made me live beyond seventy!
Four decades and more, refuge she was
Television and talk, time shall pass
Music and plays joy was provided
Now, no mind for these, life divided! (12)

My computer became my refuge
Solace I get volume very huge!
Sit, think, key in poems and fable
Sleep, nap, hands and head on the table!
For hours and hours day and night
Sure, sit at the table right and tight! (18)

Funny though, Computer – my refuge
Not God and books, nor friends my refuge! (20)

(It was on 22nd August last year that my 44 year life partner’s physical body left my home on her final journey towards heaven.)


2 thoughts on “COMPUTER MY REFUGE.

  1. Sir, Your seemingly spontaneous writings in reality a result of hard painstaking sittings are an inspiration to many like me to whom these thought provoking words are enlightining. May more and more words pour from your fingers and inspire many . There is no refuge better than writing, better than books or words or your fingers continuously tapping the keys. excellent picture of yours sitting erect to pour your thoughts into words………regards………hkc


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