Not a funny day but a fun-filled day is today!

August twenty third for all at home a joy full day!

Summer is gone almost, pleasant season to arrive

Let us welcome the season pleasant, joy to derive!


Care free day to soar above the din and dust of earth

Catch a ride with breeze, slow- like a summer cloud in mirth

Floating like a kite in the sky, wind surfing- joy full

Watching birds soar through the sky, hang gliding eventful!


Recall the first man powered flight-its annual day

Relax with all –children, elders from home happy day

Look up to the horizon beautiful all would say

“Today is indeed a nice day”-wind power does pay!


As the nice breeze carry us along, leave all worries

In the direction of the wind as we waft in air

Watching the wind in the trees that dance nice to its tune

Lo! Sure the “RIDE THE WIND DAY” this day will pass off soon!



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