God, the Creator of this great Universe has blessed

With men and matters, fine arts and science very well stressed.

Of all the fine arts, music is fine and divine great

Ennobles and enthralls the listeners sure nice treat!


Religions adopt ‘divine music’ – part of prayer

Enabling the people’s soul  realise the  Supreme

Through the medium of song and music with fervor

Rightly taken as a great fine art to the extreme!


“International Strange Music Day” observed today

To get people  listen to never heard music till day

Musician from New York City the novel author

“Listening without prejudice” –  sure not to bother!


Broadening people’s musical spectrums change the way

They look at other aspects of life in a better way

Has concerts, labels and support strong from summer schools

A sure way to stimulate young minds to nobler forms!
















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