Wonderful is the creation of my Lord Almighty!

Of His creations Coconut – great help to the thirsty.

Today observed as World Coconut Day across the globe-

To thank Him for the life saving drink so kindly made!


Every part of human body is useful in a way

So is coconut tree’s useful-every part any day

The Flesh-food, Milk, and Flour, rich in vitamins, minerals,

Powerful antioxidants help in aspects several.


Young, tender coconut water sweet and its flavor best

Nothing quenches severe thirst in the mid summer heat most

Lauric acid in coconut oil is excellent for health

It improves the immunity and protects from illness.


Husk helps in making ropes and aesthetic things colorful

Leaves and sticks, trunk and all things in man’s life God’s gift useful

Coconut flowers have medicinal uses many

God’s creation ever wonderful, a day to cherish!


(I am glad to share with the viewers that the total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed 13000 from 174 countries by 18.30 hours on Tues day the 1st September, score 12000 having crossed on 24/8/2015. I am grateful to all of you and solicit your continued encouragement by viewing my daily post. thankss. – N V Subbaraman)




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