It was on tenth March Two thousand and Seven that I wrote a poem titled


Which I feel like reproducing when I am keying in for my 200th “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” in this blog https://nvsr.wordpress.com


Oh Mortals! Time and tide waits for none

So never treat time that flees as fun

Life is short; love is long and so love all

Love knows not young or old and short or tall!


Life is short, death sneaks in at its sweet will

So, do things right, speak things kind, make life still

With peace and poise, joy and health all the time

Serving poor, helping old, be your pastime!


Beware life is precious, time is precious

Never waste life, lest sure it goes vicious

Fritter not life, waste no time, don’t compare

Pleasures the idle have that bring despair!


Sing in praise of timeless God and time full life

Lead life with grace to serve all and God sans strife!


How the time is passing on untiringly and rapidly! I am just wondering what I have achieved in my life which has as of now seen seventy four years rolling by! I am deeply introspecting whether I am standing anywhere near to the expectation of the above poem. Obvious answer, quite a long distance to traverse!


Yes; coming to our topic of this SUN DAY STORY , this is the TWO HUNDRETH post since the blog was launched on 28th February 2015 with a SUN DAY STORY titled “MY TRYST WITH LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA. Overwhelming encouragement I got at the hands of the viewers/ readers as is seen by the ever growing “view score” has almost made me an “addict” to the blog and the blog related work!!!!!

When I started, never I dreamt that there will be viewers from 185 countries will view the writings and the views will be running to THOUSANDS! It makes me feel that a great “NOBEL PRIZE” is conferred on me!


Yes; as on date the total views are 13100 from 185 countries! But for this Blog statistics, I cannot even name 173 countries!!!!!! This is as at 15.00 hrs. on 3/9/15.

What are those countries; I give the list below just for me to feel proud of it:

Country                                                                     Views

India                                                                           4,323

Pakistan                                                                    1,761

United States                                                           1,362

Myanmar (Burma)                                                 743

Iraq                                                                            361

Cambodia                                                                 335

Philippines                                                                248

Algeria                                                                       201

Albania                                                                      178

(10)Egypt                                                                 169

Vietnam                                                                    152

China                                                                         149

Canada                                                                      129

Mongolia                                                                  113

Nepal                                                                         109

Afghanistan                                                             108

European Union                                                     108

Tanzania                                                                   90

Brazil                                                                          89

(20)Morocco                                                           84

Saudi Arabia                                                            75

United Kingdom                                                     69

Sri Lanka                                                                   68

Jordan                                                                       62

Georgia                                                                     61

Lebanon                                                                    60

Bangladesh                                                              59

Turkey                                                                       58

Colombia                                                                  57

(30)Venezuela                                                        53

Serbia                                                                        51

Palestinian Territories                                           49

Norway                                                                     48

Sudan                                                                         47

Mexico                                                                      45

Laos                                                                            44

Tunisia                                                                       44

Libya                                                                          44

Australia                                                                   43

(40)Ecuador                                                            39

Bolivia                                                                        32

Trinidad & Tobago                                                 30

Maldives                                                                   28

Mauritania                                                               28

Syria                                                                           26

Singapore                                                                 26

Peru                                                                           25

Ethiopia                                                                  24

United Arab Emirates                                         23

(50)Oman                                                              22

Guam                                                             21

Suriname                                                      21

Jamaica                                                         18

Guyana                                                         18

Romania                                                       18

Thailand                                                        18

Russia                                                            17

Macedonia                                                   17

Fiji                                                                   14

(60)Guatemala                                           14

Indonesia                                                      14

Bahrain                                                         13

Brunei                                                            12

Antigua & Barbuda                                    12

Ghana                                                            12

Argentina                                                     12

Sweden                                                         11

Senegal                                                         11

Bhutan                                                          11

Armenia                                                        11

Chile                                                               11

France                                                           11

Dominican Republic                                  11

South Korea                                                 11

Grenada                                                        10

Mauritius                                                      10

Azerbaijan                                                    10

Uruguay                                                        10

Mali                                                                10

(80)El Salvador                                           9

Dominica                                                      9

Macau SAR China                                       8

Bosnia & Herzegovina                              8

Puerto Rico                                                  8

Marshall Islands                                          8

Moldova                                                       8

Curaçao                                                        8

Macau SAR China                                       8

Ukraine                                                         8

Gambia                                                         7

Nicaragua                                                     7

Papua New Guinea                                    7

Spain                                                              6

Barbados                                                      6

Honduras                                                     6

Belize                                                             6

Costa Rica                                                     6

Uzbekistan                                                   6

Malaysia                                                       5

(100)Somalia                                               5

Guinea                                                           5

Guadeloupe                                                 5

Montenegro                                                 5

Cameroon                                                    5

Bulgaria                                                         5

Yemen                                                           5

Madagascar                                                 5

Netherlands                                                 5

Belarus                                                          5

Haiti                                                               5

Aruba                                                            5

Cyprus                                                           4

Congo – Kinshasa                                        4

U.S. Virgin Islands                                      4

Panama                                                         4

Germany                                                      4

Portugal                                                        4

Namibia                                                        4

Ireland                                                           4

(120)Sint Maarten                                       4

(121)Samoa                                                 3

Uganda                                                                     3

Kazakhstan                                                              3

Kenya                                                                        3

St. Vincent & Grenadines                                     3

South Africa                                                             3

Djibouti                                                                     3

Italy                                                                            3

Gabon                                                                       3

Belgium                                                                     3

St. Kitts & Nevis                                                      3

Bahamas                                                                   3

Sierra Leone                                                            3

Finland                                                                      3

Japan                                                                         3

Congo – Brazzaville                                               3

Mozambique                                                           2

Kuwait                                                                       2

Zimbabwe                                                                2

(140)St. Lucia                                                          2

(141)Liberia                                                             2

Qatar                                                                          2

Faroe Islands                                                           2

Malawi                                                                      2

Rwanda                                                                     2

Côte d’Ivoire                                                            2

Kyrgyzstan                                                               2

Nigeria                                                                       2

Austria                                                                       1

French Polynesia                                                    1

Hong Kong SAR China                                           1

Monaco                                                                    1

Timor-Leste                                                              1

Angola                                                                       1

Luxembourg                                                            1

Comoros                                                                   1

Malta                                                                         1

Paraguay                                                                  1

Lithuania                                                                   1

(160)Taiwan                                                             1

(161)Switzerland                                                   1

New Caledonia                                                        1

Greece                                                                       1

British Virgin Islands                                              1

Iceland                                                                      1

Benin                                                                         1

Gibraltar                                                                   1

Greenland                                                                1

Cayman Islands                                                       1

Poland                                                                       1

Turks & Caicos Islands                                          1

Czech Republic                                                        1

(173)Botswana                                                       1


Leaving the statistics aspect of it, it gives immense pleasure to any writer-highly intellectual or otherwise, highly creative or otherwise, big or otherwise, intelligent or otherwise! In my own assessment I belong to the “otherwise” category in all respects!

I hope to go on forever-of course so long as Lord Almighty’s grace will be with me in the form of physical and mental agility.

It helps me in taking the things in its stride-appreciated or depreciated, views increases one day and the next day it goes to negligible figure! A thousand views take one month once and the other thousand takes just 10 days! All these things must be a part of the bloggers’ life! So take it easy; do thy work dutifully and leaving the results to God as Lord Krishna tells in HIS Geethopadesa!

I do thank you all my beloved viewers and solicit your encouragement and support in this effort.

Thanks in millions! Bye for the day!



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