Teethless man

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(P. S.) Normally at the end of some writing “P.S” is given that means “POST-SCRIPT”; here we find it in the beginning and hence naturally it must mean “PRE-SCRIPT”!!!

Yes; this is “Pre-Script” warning the readers to be aware of the fact that some of the tips provided are genuine and some are in the lighter vein. One has to be discreet in differentiating the brawn from the rice!

Second these are the tips for the “TEETHLESS” and the TEETH – LESS”! That is for those who are not having any teeth whatsoever and those who are still having less- including much less- number of teeth than what the creator has meant to be!!!

Figuratively “teeth” have value and power. But it is unfortunate we come across “teeth less husband”, “teeth less heads of families and organizations” and “very many committees appointed at different points of time and different spheres and by different authorities.”

Here in this “Sunday story” this is not figurative ‘TEETHLESS’, but physical! Normally the new born for a few weeks and the very old ones, keeping one and a half feet in the grave, are ‘THE TEETHLESS”! But in these days we come across quite a large number of the teeth less at all ages and at all places- rendered so by the all pervasive tooth paste manufacturing companies!- with salt, without salt, with clove, without clove, with herbs sans herbs!!!Many beyond the age or much below the stage of getting hit by the Cupid’s arrow complain of tooth ache. Of course I have many half teeth thanks to the real cricket ball hit- not tennis ball or rubber ball- which I got hit six decades ago!.

I don’t know whether the tooth as such can give pain; we don’t get the pain/ache when we trim our nails, or hair; tooth by itself may not give the pain, but the mischief is made by the so called ‘gum’ – the trouble maker!

Whatever be the reasons for becoming ‘teeth less’, consequences of being that can be understood in its real terms- undergoing the travails- only by those who are!

Let it be left there; let me come to the topic straight!

When it begins to give pain, it is indeed awful and unbearable.  One cannot sleep peacefully, eat gracefully, and speak forcefully!  Still worse one cannot speak normally teeth less! It is said in Tamil “PALLUP PONAL SOLLUP POCHCHU”! That is once one becomes “teeth-less”, he ceases to be effective in his spoken words!

Let it be left there; let me come to the topic straight!

We have pain; God has created for us another God named “Specialist in Dentistry”. He gives us anti-biotic and pain killer and there we are relieved of our pain in a couple of days! He advises us to get a couple of teeth extracted and we blissfully avoid and forget till the next opportunity arises to meet the God!

Here are a few practical tips for the teeth less! (including how not to go to the Dentist Doctor God!!!!!!)

1 Though teeth-less, (includes those who are blessed with at-least half the number!), cleaning the gum (and the few remaining still) every day regularly is a must to escape from the gum inflammation and its consequences.

2 If age, mind and purse permit, go in for permanent implantation and never for artificial removable denture! Even to think of removing in the nights, brushing them keeping your teeth in the hands and cleaning is repugnant! Better to be teeth-less than wearing a removable denture.

At times it may so happen that when you go in for the whole removable denture while some of the teeth are intact, they have to be extracted, measurement taken, new denture is made and provided! This process may take about a month when you have to go without any tooth what so ever! Is it then better to wait till all the teeth – naturally God gave you when you were young- and then go in for the denture?  Then probably you may be spared of the agony of extraction of a few teeth and related time, pain, money etc!!

2 Avoid going to the Doctor till you get some pain!- this time only after it starts paining very seriously even after taking a couple of anti-biotic tablets and painkiller earlier suggested by the same God who knows your history. Well meaning and interested in the teeth-less man, your Doctor  may be worried why you have not yet gone to him for the advised fixing of the denture- give him some alibi.

3 Resort to the advice of Buddha- and give up desires for taking anything that needs the help of the teeth! It may so happen that even a small bit of ground nut or cashew nut that does not get dissolved which you may have to simply gulp which is inimical to digestion and hence to be given up!

4 Many a time you will not be able even to take some vegetables which are not well cooked or in a half cooked stage!  One cannot blame the womenfolk at home as they are too much of time starved in today’s fast moving world or at times they are overpowered by the thinking that the fully cooked vegetables lose their nutritional values and therefore better they remain half cooked!  If that happens either give up or simply gulp it after tasting the salt and spice aspect!!

5 The words of wisdom such as “Have control over your tongue”, “Exercise control over the palate” are not for the teeth less!!! Tongue and palate take the role of teeth in these blessed persons (indeed cursed persons) and sans the two you cannot pound anything to eat!  It is the pressure – pleasure? – applied by these two parts of creation that enables one to eat something worthwhile!!!

6 Since the teeth-less talk will expose the individual; observe the dictum “SILENCE IS GOLD”! Unless otherwise absolutely needed don’t open your mouth and speak! Please “shut up” your mouth!!!

7 Whether diabetic or non diabetic, be free to take sweets like halwa or jon-papdi (of course, without cashew nuts) as these sweets dissolve easily!!!!!!!????? So also the fruits like banana! If you are a diabetic, go to the Dialectologist, wearing an innocent look, find out three- month’s average blood sugar, gulp the tablets he suggests and continue your tryst with sweets!

Well tips are tips; if one takes it let him or leave it let him! Bye, by a ‘teeth-less’ citizen!

  1. PS: (1) The author or his descendants are not responsible for the damage that may be caused to the teeth less by following these tips!!!!!!??????

(2)The writer has got the greatest regards and respects for the Godlike dental surgeons and their specialized dentistry.

This is neither “pre-script” nor “post script”!

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