Adi Sankara

Sure rhyme and rhythm always great
Music and sound sure a treat!
Poem writing lovely art
Love it is to poet’s heart
Grammar and rules play a part!
Theme and content must be smart!
Feelings and emotions sure
Make the poem simply pure!
Content no doubt adds splendor
Message gives it more grandeur!
As I write this with great care
*”Bhagwat Pada” comes to share
“bhaja govindaṃ bhaja govindaṃ
govindaṃ bhaja mūdhamate |
samprāpte sannihite kāle
nahi nahi rakṣati dukriṅkaraṇe”

*”Bhagwat pada” is Adi Sankara who propounded the Hindu Philosophy of Advaitha- “Non-Dualism”one of the three important branches of philosophy.

When translated into English these four lines may run as:

“Pray to the Lord, pray to the Lord
Pray to the Lord; Oh! ignorant man!
At the point of exit from the world in que
Grammar and poesy may not come to your rescue!”


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