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Holy day not a happy day is today
For the Muslim world it is a mourning day.
Imam Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohamed
In the battle of Karbala brutally killed.

Mass mourning for days ten-tenth day is this day
Clothes- black color worn, mosques visited to pay
Homage to the martyr Hussain for his bravery.
New Year born sure to be free from slavery!

Not a joyful festival but sacred sure
Sacred making the peoples’ minds and hearts pure.
Pure to take the pledge to provide as homage
Peace and poise, joy and harmony all through the age!

The world to remember goodness of Imam Hussain
And show respect to the great soul of Hussain
Killed before quenching his thirst in a river side
Let us take cool drinks to quench his thirst with pride!

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