United Nations HQ at New York. Photo by Ramnath
United Nations HQ at New York. Photo by Ramnath

My Lord! Thy creation – whole world is a village global
Led by Thy grace and favor- yet afflicted abnormal
With war and strife, poverty and penury, ignorance
And illiteracy, ill health and diseases-arrogance!

Terrorism and exploitation, climate change and all
Discrimination, My Lord!, taking heavy tolls quite tall.
Parenting Organization to guide, help and protect,
Member countries- one nine three- to cooperate quite strict!

Bonded labor, human trafficking, slavery to go
Global economy and world welfare smartly to grow
Peace and poise, plenty and prosperity over the world
Need of the times- to work in common cause for common good!

May the world respect its charter; follow the call quite sound,
In its seventieth year of noble service abound.
Salute the U N flag, its golden mission and vision
To make the world worth living, sitting pretty in cushion!

It is quite green in my memory the Special Quiz Program organized by All India Radio Trichy  in connection with UN Day in 1960 in which I represented Alagappa College , Karaikudi in my final year of college studies!!


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