Tolerance ‘a virtue- a vice’ intolerance?
Funny is the world that looks at with great patience!
Tolerance to corruption and nepotism,
Dishonesty and selfishness – a fine virtue???

Intolerance to goodness and kindness, loving
All and serving all, help ever and hurt never
Funny it is to say a vice, sure can never
The world in delirium alas, a fever!!!

Sure it is a vice when ‘intolerance’ displayed
Towards sanity and moral norms, science outplayed!
Well it is a virtue when ’tolerance’ is preached
To protect values historic and cultural
Great it is to see this duty nicely performed!

Often used words today here is “tolerance’
People lament the powers mired in bigotry
‘Tolerance’ need of the hour people proclaim
May not fall on the “powers that be” God bless them!


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