Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar with his ThirukkuraL.

THIRUVALLUVAR is one of the greatest thinkers the world has witnessed. Born more than 2300 years ago in the famous city of Chennai in India, he through his magnum opus Thirukkural’ has given the art and science of life and living.

When the values propounded are practiced truthfully, it will surely bring the unseen heaven to this very earth. Hardly there is any subject in the world that has not been dealt with by Thiruvalluvar and that in fact has made this work universally accepted as common scripture of eternal truths. This is probably the only work that has been translated into more than ninety languages of the world, of course, excepting Bible and Quoran, which are the valued possession of the respective religions. That indicates the universality of the great work. Monumental contribution and rarest gift of Tamilnadu to India and the world are versatile Saint Thiruvalluvar and his marvelous Thirukkural!

It is the desire of the author to place in ENVIUS THOUGHTS – original in Tamil, its transliteration in English and my English translation and its meaning in a subtle and short way. I am sure my esteemed viewers will find this a new experience to read and know about a great work from India. Altogether this work has 1330 couplets in 133 chapters under three different broad heads viz ARAM, PORUL, INBAM- VIRTUE, WEALTH and LOVE. To start with, the part on VIRTUE having 380 couplets over 38 chapters will be published in course of time at the rate of 10 couplets a day. Here is the part 1.   Translated version is in the form of a typical Haiku- in strict 5-7-5 syllable form and the first and third lines rhymed.

First Part

ON VIRTUE   (Araththuppaal)

Chapter One


1     அகர  முதல  எழுத்தெல்லாம்; ஆதி

பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

Agara  mudhal ezuththellaam aadhi

Bagavan mudhatrE ulagu.

“A” leads the language

The Lord Almighty protects

Like peacock’s plumage!

In all languages letter “A’ is the first and the world starts with the “GOD”-the parents.                                  (1)

கற்றதனால் ஆய பயனென்கொல்? வாலறிவன்

நற்றாள் தொழாஅர் எனின்.

Katradhanaal aaya payanenkol?vaalarivan

NatraaL thozaar enin.

Learning lacks meaning

If the learner believes not

In Him – protecting!

All our knowledge and studies are of no avail, if we do not offer prayer to the Almighty-pure knowledge and wisdom incarnate.  (2)

மலர்மிசை ஏகினான் மாணடி சேர்ந்தார்

நிலமிசை நீடுவாழ் வார்

MalaRmisai Eginaan maaNadi sErndhaar

Nilamisai needu vaazvaar.

He surely lives long

Who seeks the feet of the Lord

To whom the noble throng!

Those who continue to offer prayer to the Almighty dwelling in the hearts of HIS devotees will continue to live long and prosperous.  (3)

வேண்டுதல் வேண்டாமை இலான் அடி சேர்ந்தார்க்கு

யாண்டும் இடும்பை இல..

VENdudhal vENdaamai ilaan adi saerndhaarkku

YaaNdum idumbai ila.

To the one who clings

To HIM beyond likes-dislikes

No woes the life brings!

Those who offer prayer to the Almighty who is beyond desires and hatred will have no sufferings and sorrows.                  (4)

இருள்சேர் இருவினையும் சேரார் இறைவன்

பொருள்சேர் புகழ்புரிந்தார் மாட்டு

IruL caer iruvinaiyum saeraar iraivan

Porulsaer ppugaL purindhaar maattu.

Who sings in HIS praise

Seeking HIS love and grace

Freed from the sins nice!

Those who sing in praise of the Lord seeking HIS grace and blessings wil be free from the bad effects of the wrong doings of the past lives.    (5)

பொறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் பொய்தீர் ஒழுக்க

நெறிநின்றார் நீடு வாழ் வார்.

Porivaayil aindhaviththaan poytheer ozukka

Nernindraar needuvaaz vaar

For long he lives for sure

Who treads HIS path sans desires

In this world – pure!

Those who live according to the dictates of Lord Almighty who has absolute control over the senses five, will live long happily.   (6)

தனக்கு உவமை இல்லாதான் தாழ்சேர்ந்தார்க்கு அல்லால்

மனக்கவலை மாற்றல் அரிது.

Thanakku uvamai illaadhaan thaaL saerndhaarkku allaal

Manakkavalai  maatral aridhu.

Who seeks not HIM whose

Compassion beyond compare

Never free from worry’s woes!

Unless they resort to the Almighty beyond comparison, they cannot be free from stress and tension.   (7)

அறஆழி அந்தணன் தாள்சேர்ந்தார்க்கு அல்லால்

பிறஆழி நீந்தல் அரிது.

Araaazi andhaNan thaaLsaerwdhaarkku allaal

Pira aazi neendhal aridhu.

He can’t cross the sea

Of sins if he thinks not HIM

Indeed Virtues Sea!

Those who do not offer prayer at the feet of the Almighty who has crossed the great sea of Virtues, cannot cross the seas of wealth, love and desires.                                                        (8)

கோன்இல் பொறியில் குணம்இலமே எண்குணத்தான்

தாளை வணங்காத் தலை.

Koanil poriyil guNamilavae eNguNaththaan

ThaaLai vaNangaath thalai.

Those heads that pray not

The God of eight virtues sure

Have eyes and ears just dot(s)!

Those who do not offer prayer at the feet of the Almighty of eight virtues, have no use just as the ears that cannot hear, and eyes that cannot see.     (9)

பிறவிப் பெருங்கடல் நீந்துவர் நீந்தார்

இறைவன் அடிசேரா தார்.

Piravip perungkadal neendhuvar neendhaar

Iraivan adi saeraa dhaar.

Those who pray the Lord

Nicely cross the sea of birth

Others don’t – face woes!

Those who invoke the grace and blessings of the Almighty are sure to cross the sea of birth easily and otherwise cannot.   (10)




















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