Chapter Five

அதிகாரம் 5



  1. இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் இயல்புடைய மூவர்க்கும்

நல்லாற்றின் நின்ற துணை.

Ilvaazvaan enbaan iyalbudaiya moovarkkum

Nallaatrin ninra thuNai.

A man with his wife

Helps friends, relatives, the poor

Holds as goal of life!

He is a good husband who takes care of his parents, wife and children and along with them helps others as his goal.                 (41)

2 துறந்தார்க்கும் துவ்வா தவர்க்கும் இறந்தார்க்கும்

இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் துணை.

Thurandhaarkkum thuvvaadhavarkkum irandhaarkkum

Ilvaazvaan enbaan thuNai.

Married man in life

Helps the old, needy, helpless

As mission so nice!

Head of the family should take care of the old, needy, helpless and mendicants who seek his help.                         (42)

3 தென்புலத்தார் தெய்வம் விருந்துஒக்கல் தான் என்றாங்கு

ஐம்புலத்தாறு ஓம்பல் தலை.

Thenpulaththaar dheyvam virundhu okkal than enraangu

Aimpulaththaar oambal thalai.

As foremost duty

Serves the old, God, guests, kin and self

Self – the man holy!

An important duty of a head of the family is to take care in a virtuous manner the old, God, guests, his people and his own self.                  (43)

4 பழியஞ்சிப் பாத்தூண் உடைத்தாயின் வாழ்க்கை

வழியெஞ்சல் எஞ்ஞான்றும் இல்.

PaziyanjippaaththuuN uudaiththaayin vaazkkai

Vaziyenjal engngaanrum il.

His tribe prospers sure

When sins shunned, food and love shared

Leading his life pure!

Leading life according to the dictates of virtues, not committing any sins, sharing the available food with others, will make the life of the head of the family noble and his tribe will also prosper.                    (44)

5 அன்பும் அறனும் உடைத்தாயின் இல்வாழ்க்கை

பண்பும் பயனும் அது.

Anbum aranum udaiththaayin ilvaazkkai

PaNbum payanum adhu.

That is life divine

Wherein love and virtue reign

Purpose of life fun!

The married life in fact will be fun and joy filled if the couple keep love and virtues as cardinal and indeed their life will be a life Divine.   (45)

6 அறத்தாற்றின் இல்வாழ்க்கை ஆற்றின் புறத்தாற்றின்

போஒய்ப் பெறுவது எவன்?

Araththaatrin ilvaazkkai aatrin puraththaatrin

Poayp peruvadhu evan?

Married life well led

In the virtuous way right

No better course found!

What else can be better if the married life is led in a virtuous and noble way? Nothing else is there to aspire for.                   (46)

7 இயல்பினான் இல்வாழ்க்கை வாழ்பவன் என்பான்

முயல்வாருள் எல்லாம் தலை.

Iyalbinaan ilvaazkkai vaazbavan enbaan

MuyalvaaruL ellaam thalai.

Indeed he is great

Who leads a nice married life

Among all we meet!

One who leads the married life in a virtuous life and the one who tries to is great and is hailed.      (47)

8 ஆற்றின் ஒழுக்கி அறனிழுக்கா இல்வாழ்க்கை

நோற்பாரின் நோன்மை உடைத்து.

Aatrin ozukki aranizukkaa ilvaazkkai

Noarparin noanmai udaiththu.

Stronger than the strong

Is the noble householder

Among saints who throng!

The one who leads his married life in a virtuous manner and make others to be so, he is much better than a saint and his life nobler and stronger.                      (48)

9 அறன்எனப் பட்டதே இல்வாழ்க்கை; அஃதும்

பிறன்பழிப்பது இல்லாயின் நன்று.

Aranenap pattathae ilvaazkkai ahudhum

Piranpazippadhu illaayin nanru.

Married life noble

When all virtues well practiced

Sans world’s curse – feeble!

A properly led wedded life indeed is a noble one and it will add to glory if he is not cursed for anything by any body.(49)          10 வையத்துள் வாழ்வாங்கு வாழ்பவன் வான் உறையும்

தெய்வத்துள் வைக்கப் படும்.

VaiyaththuL vaazvaanggu vaazbavan vaan uraiyum

DeyvaththuL vaikkap padum.

Perfect life on earth

Finds one’s place high in heaven

Among Gods in mirth!

The wedded man who leads his life in a virtuous way is held in heaven in great respect along with the divine beings.                            (50)

(Next part may be after Diwali)


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