Greatest Prime Minister that Independent India has seen

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for two decades and more had been

Coming from a noble family to a noble parents sure,

Noble person he was, a great nationalist quite tall and pure!


Barrister-at- law turned nationalist freedom fighter like moon

Years one hundred and sixteen ago was born with silver spoon

Gandhiji’s trusted follower inherited his legacy

A blessing it was for the great and cultured people and country!


Believer in God and Divinity, secular to the core

Loved all served all- people of all faiths dear and near before

His secularism what Hinduism preached and practiced

Great soul he was and this day we pay our homage well deserved!


He loved the children with all his heart and served them with all his might

“Chacha Nehru” he was, to be guided in the direction right.

No child abuse- child labor, all to get food and education

Take a pledge on this holy day to save from indoctrination!


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