Rightly observed now in particular when it is in danger

Divided it was prior to independence-dog in the manger

And then Gandhi came-Mahatma- he brought in unity and lead

Lead the country to freedom through means non-violent and truth great!

India that is Bharath has a past glorious to be proud of

Builders of modern India are great and many to talk of

One such gem indeed the first woman Prime minister precious

Indhira Priyadarshini, noble daughter of noble Nehru!

She has a place indelible in Indian history sure

No force on earth can erase her name, fame and services pure

Grateful nation and loyal patriots have all praise for her

Bitter pills she prescribed wonderful, nation failed to pursue!

Nineteenth November Indira’s birth day- a great day is this day

To be observed as National Integration Day and all pay

Tributes to her vision and mission, strength of mind and conviction

May her spirit and soul guide the nation with all the greats we had!








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